Don’t miss the dermal anchor…

Both one of the most beautiful people on IAM, and the owner of one of the most pervy usernames (and a cool custom layout), ookumbubbleoo, used to have an inverted nipple (the left one, if you’re wondering), but not any more due to piercing by Jason King at Psycho Tattoo in Marietta, GA. You may recognize the tattoo from the earlier post about the delayed inflamation after Burning Man.

See also: her celtic knotwork scarification.

18 thoughts on “Don’t miss the dermal anchor…

  1. where can i find out more about this inverted nipple doohickey? i currently live in the uk but am from holland and both my nipples are inverted and i’d still like to have ‘normal’ nipples and never knew nipple piercings might help/ be possible.

  2. oh so its her who belongs to the lovely scar work, wow. oh and the dermal anchor is a really good placement, you gotta look hard for it

  3. oh yeah shannon you were right, Lukas Zpira is such a nice guy. talked with him for a bit today while he did my nape. Lovely man.

  4. thanks shannon.

    i’m not entirely sure my nipples are pop out- able. one of them gives the occasional appearance sometimes but the other has never been out.

    i’m sure i can find a piercer who’d be willing to give it a shot though…

  5. Glad to see her tattoo is doing better. Its so weired/irritating when tattoos suddenly inflame like that.

  6. she’s beautiful. so very very beautiful…is there scarification on her right thigh?

    i had inverted nipples and got them pierced. once they healed up, i got them done again. its just a pity there isnt much more room for more bars 🙁

  7. It seems that most comments are about her nipples.
    I found the tattoo interesting although I’m not sure what it represents. You have 2 flaming dice with duck feet and a horseshoe with a dagger through it. Where did someone see an anchor?

  8. The anchor is in the center of the star at the bottom of the horseshoe, and it looks like at the right angle it would shine nicely 🙂

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