That brown stuff is betadine, right?

I recently asked on my IAM page who people felt the best piercer in their area was (if you’re an IAM member, you can still take part in that poll by clicking here). In Scotland, LittleJohn from Metalurgey in Dundee was a name that kept coming up. Still, I don’t think I’m going to be asking him for an anal piercing… I’m sure he’d do a fine job, but it’s just not my thing.

15 thoughts on “That brown stuff is betadine, right?

  1. Im not going to even ponder what the brown stuff is 🙂
    Either way I think you would be in the shit trying to get this to heal lol.

  2. I dont have IAM so i cant vote, but Daryl @ retro rebels in aberdeen, scotland deserves a mention for sure! at least one pic of a piercing he did has been on modblog (a temple surface piercing i think)

    He is An amazing piercer, and an all round cool guy (all-be-it quite intimidating with his implants, tatooed head, and the fact he is 6′ 9″)

  3. I hate to say it but I think betadine has a more orangy brown, this looks to be more of a greenish brown 🙁 Oh well why focus on a brown spot when such a cute piercer is in the pic 🙂

  4. wouldnt you think he would have cleaned off his asshole before getting it pierced?

  5. actually , in ghrahams defence , he did give himself a good clean, (i made sure , obviously, that he knew about personal hygine before i considered this piercing) its just unfortunate that his pubic hair is a shit brown colour. thanks for the comments.

  6. Doubt it’s betadine or that his parents never showed him how to wipe his ass properly. (tho at early ages if this is not done “properly” it MAY predispose a person to the condition you see…THIS is the dreaded “PERMANENT POOPSTAIN” that you occasionally see in cheap porn flicks/mags that don’t airbrush.

    The thing that SHOULD NOT BE!!! Must be every piercers WORST NIGHTMARE lol

  7. I can almost smell the fish…oh yes I can.

    PERFECT candidate for anal bleaching btw!
    -Or haven’t you heard? does blue glove do the fisting sequence before or after the piercing healed?

  8. Many people have a naturally brown anus and no it’s not poop stains. Take a shower and scrub it nice and clean. Then squat over a mirror and see what color it is. If you have a pink anus, you are in the minority. Just as some females have brown nipples and some have pink, the same holds true with hiney holes. I’ll give him the benifit of the doubt. As for his piercing, OUCH!

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