Mask Backpiece

So I know I shouldn’t be out drinking, what with the recent surgery, and opiates in my system and all, but I decided to hop a commuter flight out to Vancouver and drink at some random bar, and who do I bump into in the washroom but motorcycle daredevil Gregory. I got him to show off his amazing bodysuit by Steve Moore at Sacred Heart in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in return for the promise that I’d photoshop the urinal out of the photo.

(Yes, of course I’m kidding, other than that I think that’s a great backpiece).

21 thoughts on “Mask Backpiece

  1. Oh great, now you’ve got me thinking it would be hot to watch him pissing, and he’s not. *glower* Gee thanks Shannon. 😉

  2. wow thats some back piece, cute ass too 🙂
    It reminds me of the easter island heads,

  3. I saw the picture and thought… “what a cute little bum!” hahaha.. must say the back is amazing.

  4. I was also going to point out Steves new shop, but its been taken care of.

    Steve is finishing a back piece on myself as well. Hes a superb artist and a great guy to boot!

  5. I do believe I’m having the urge to jill off to this.
    Fantastic ink, fantastic physical specimen.
    Shaved head.
    Yep, I do believe I will.

  6. hahahaha — I think all modblog posts should come with some rediculous made-up (or not :P) story attached…

    Nice bum too!

  7. The look on his face and the fake story along with a cute butt made me think nefarious thoughts. Beautiful Ink in any case

  8. i was just looking at his iam the other day and debating whether i should send him a message about how beautiful his back piece is! i figure he probably hears that all the time anyway… but goddamn he is hot.

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