Oldschool Chestpiece Tattoo

Last April I posted her gorgeous sleeve, but Siobhan just got some more work done by Diau-An at Taiwan Tattoo in Kaoshiung (design by Cohen in this case)… Like with the myriad of people on my general crush list, I can’t stop myself from posting these here and I hope you enjoy them also.

20 thoughts on “Oldschool Chestpiece Tattoo

  1. I really got to wear my contacts, I thought the sleeves were a lacy part of her blouse lol.

    Pretty girl, nice rose in the middle of her chest.

  2. One half of the best looking couple on iam. And if that does not count enough Siobhan and Cohen have the crispest Asian ink I have seen yet.

  3. i’m not kidding. i think she is absolutely adorable. love her 🙂

    her tattoos are nice, too.

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