Opera House Punks

Nervousinthealley‘s tattoo, done by Wendi Ramirez at Golden Apple in Austin Texas. She writes, “It’s all about the duality in life. People always seem to expect one thing when they first meet me, and, for the most part, they never seem to get it quite right. Punks aren’t “supposed” to hang out around opera houses… but, maybe they do.”

Hey, I’ve gone to a few operas (Cosi Fan Tutti, La Travietta, and so on).

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34 thoughts on “Opera House Punks

  1. It does seem a strange combo, punk and Sydney opera house…But hey music has no boundaries.

    I am really getting to like this style of tat, this has been cleverly done.

    I kinda find the punk image dated now, it makes me a bit nostalgic. Friday nights in the bar listening to punk music blastering out.

  2. That’s an awesome tattoo, right there. It also reminds me of the work of one of my favorite artists, Becky Cloonan. But besides that, it’s beautiful and the meaning behind it is really cool too. It’s something I understand.

  3. I just spent a semester in Sydney and got to know the City pretty well.
    Where they would be sitting is probably in the “Rocks”, which is super-touristy and consumeristic, so…

    Sexy tattoo, but the context made me chuckle.

  4. There’s actually a healed pic of it up on my page.

    what can I say, other than Wendi is an amazing artist.

    As for the tourist location…this wasn’t actually done from a photo or anything. I pretty much went to Wendi with the basic idea and separate picutres…she put it together from there. Sydney opera house simply because I love the architecture of it, and, since it’s fairly recognizable, it illustrated the point.

  5. I agree with Vertigo, it does look like a Becky Cloonan drawing. Kind of like her gig posters for Leftover Crack and such…

  6. Where can I see this work of becky cloonan, I don’t seem to find anything that resembles this perfect tattoo! I’m just shocked by how good it looks, even my mom who isn’t into body mod AT ALL said she liked the looks of it!

    Absolutely great work!

  7. yes it is “la traviata” and also “così fan fan tutte” with th “ì”. not a big opera connaisseur, just from italy ;)

  8. looks like it was done with vine charcoal almost… it has a great look to it… i have a mohawk… and i own all the ABBA records… i also own a unicorn, her name is Princess Pumpkin Butt… she’s a real bute… Great Gatsby did someone say leftover crack… SshhHhh, did you hear that? wait i see something!! SshhHh the cops are outside!!

  9. Wow, this tattoo is amazing, I love Sydney and Punk music so it really hit a nerve with me, the artist who did this tattoo did an AMAZING job, it’s so gorgeous!

    And to nervousinthealley – Less Than Jake RULE! :D

  10. wendi just did my tattoo this weekend and i love it. Its not NEAR as big as yours hahaha but its still pretty

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