12 thoughts on ““Outergalactic Mandalas”

  1. Very pretty. I like how it looks kind of blurry or doesn’t have defined lines up close, but further away it looks focused and sharp.

  2. that is very cool. lilish is right, it’s got a really interesting style to it. the whole blurry and sharp thing going on is rad.

  3. the blurriness could be due to not having the camera focused correctly… sorta what it looks like to me… oh well, Flea said it best in the great American classic “Son In-Law” when he said, “It’s better than a kick in the face with a golf shoe.” God bless you Pauly “Unstoppable” Shore… haha

  4. I’m glad to see jason getting some attention, I really need to send in some pictures of my half sleeve in progress from him, he is so kickass.

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