Mirin Dajo II

I recently posted a video of Mirin Dajo doing intense skewering (he’s unique though because of the depth to which he penetrates his inner body cavity and even organs). I wanted to share some photos of a friend in Germany who also does very intense (and also largely private) body rituals. I want to mention a few things about this set of pictures before people comment, because I spent a moment debating whether it was a good idea to post this publicly rather than just inside BME/HARD:

  • These pictures are quite intense. Don’t click them if you’re not OK with that.
  • He’s doing fine and has done this before.
  • The damage involved is in line with many surgical procedures (liposuction, procedures involving dermal elevation, etc.) and the risks are managable.
  • The fact that he’s OK doesn’t mean it’s safe or easy — don’t try this at home unless you absolutely understand the issues.
  • There are thousands of people who do this and while unusual, it is not at all unheard of.
  • Throughout history thousands more people have done these rituals both publicly and privately for a variety of reasons.
  • He’s doing this because he finds it a valuable and worthwhile experience. That’s a good enough reason for him, and it’s a good enough reason for me.


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110 thoughts on “Mirin Dajo II

  1. That’s so crazy-intense. I’m awed at the willpower that kind of thing must take.
    But it does make for really cool photos. Thanks for sharing this, German friend.

  2. I really hate how you have to put a disclaimer for some people *sigh*…

    I lie the first photo… in the last photo you can se old scars which is pretty cool.. pretty intenso though

  3. Wow. Thats deep o_O
    I’ve seen skewering videos from the early 1900′s, fakir videos yknow..but not like that.
    I’m honestly suprised there isn’t more blood.
    Do you know if he follows places he’s gone before?

  4. In high school I job shadowed a mortician, where I helped embalm a body. The first picture looks identical to the process by which the organs are emptied post mortem. Trippy.

  5. Wow, I think the scars really show how intense this is (aside from the huge skewers that is). Most people don’t scar for things like play piercing, and this just shows how far beyond that this is.

  6. It´s hard to believe, that he hasn´t caught some terrible infection dispite these all but sterile surroundings…

    And how much pressure on the skewer in the first image.
    so effing intense!

  7. Why this reason is not enough good for me? “valuable and worthwhile experience”? I just can’t belive it… nope…

  8. So im thinkin that I might enjoyand could therpedically use that last picture ..now how do i go about getting to that point …hmmm time to do sum research.. ~_0

  9. Sofa King In Tents… Heavens to Mergatroid… and holy skewered stomachs Bat-Man… i can’t imagine how painful this muist be and the ammount of concentration this takes… mega deep breathing techniques and meditation or some shite… but indeed, thanks for sharing these amazing photos… adios

  10. wow! how incredibly intense! i hope you can post more in depth information about this topic. its so fascinating and beautiful. looking forward to much more on this one!

  11. He’s ill. He needs help, not encouragement. This isn’t body modification, it’s self abuse. He’s damaged, and all of you saying “cool” like it was nothing more than wearing a Green day t-shirt turn my stomach.

  12. wow. that is absolutely incredible.
    this is the first time in recent memory that i’ve been at all stunned by modblog.
    i have nothing but the highest respect for this person.

  13. i know i really really like scarifications and things but these scars to not appeal to me.. at all for some reason..

  14. Yeah that first photo is really intense. That’s great.
    And hahahaha @ #24. lol

  15. Modblog never ceases to remind me how amazing the human body is. The fact that it can withstand things like this is inspiring. Cheers to him, the kind of guy you could seriously have a drink with.

  16. Yet another example of someone who has pushed their bodies to a limit others would be floored by. The skewers and the distortion, the holes and the general idea don’t remotely bother me. It IS interesting how one almost never sees someone who is in reasonably good shape(by which I mean general fitness, muscle tone, etc) performing these intense body play feats. Is it just me or are there a lot of tremendously scarred folks out there into extreme play? Something that ‘comes with the territory? Curious to see what kind of scarring is going on inside. That would make for a fascinating book, the personal stories at least.

  17. I got to thinking when I saw these pics and combined with starsprings post

    (“It IS interesting how one almost never sees someone who is in reasonably good shape(by which I mean general fitness, muscle tone, etc)”)

    Isn’t really that reason you can do this ? Because you have minimal (as little as possible) contact with muscles, nerves and organs and mostly are going through fat tissue ?

  18. fuck… there is no not enough info out about this… would love to learn more… So Intense… i complained about the pain of having my nipple pierced… never again

  19. re: more info
    The procedure, other than not being done under anesthetic, doesnt’ really involve more damage than you’d get from liposuction, breast implants (minus the implants), etc… anything where large areas of subcutaneous tissue are pierced/elevated. So assuming care has been taken to keep things as sterile as possible the risks are certainly managable.

    Anyone who’s had implants done sans anesthetic, or even had long surface piercings done, can tell you that it’s a unique and interesting sensation, and I can see how someone would get into it in and of itself.

  20. Hmmm i would like a bme encylopidia seperate blogger’S forum….~_0 PLZ NOTE THAT IN THE APPROpRIATE FILE THANKS @_#

  21. O I c I must first submitt a photo then be accpeted and then i can log in2 the correct page..hmm sounds like dedication is really needed..O frick>>

  22. Wow. How does that work mentally? I can’t bring myself to perform a blood sugar test on me because I can’t hurt myself. We humans are so wonderfully, fascinating incredible different from each other.

  23. Ah that disclaimer really scared me, but then the pictures weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they’d be.

    I agree with #7. How come he’s not bleeding loads?

  24. >>”He’s doing this because he finds it a valuable and worthwhile experience. That’s a good enough reason for him, and it’s a good enough reason for me.”

    That is a wonderfully loaded statement Shannon :-)

    Nice pics btw.

  25. You know, the fact that people can do things like this makes you kinda want to hit people who whine about stupid shit.

    Or who come to ModBlog and criticize the featured people.

  26. that’s crazy fucking intense! i’m in awe! i’d love to meet him, shake his hand and run my hand across his belly!

  27. You know, things like this are part of why I’m an atheist. How could I possibly need mythical beings or religious mysteries to bring wonder to my existence when there are people in the world, human beings like me, who can do things like this? Amazing.

  28. I’m just floored! I’m not exactly inexperienced in mods or play but this leaves me speechless!

  29. Not that I’d want to necessarily ever do something like this, but I’m neither freaked out nor concerned about the pain. As Shannon alluded to earlier, the sensations created by something like this (separating skin from fat, basically) is just really weird…. More nerve-wracking than painful.

    I mean… it just doesn’t look painful to me. I think the initial incision would be the worst part.

    Having said that, I’ll let him do this while I enjoy it from the safety of my computer screen.

  30. To be honest for some reason I was way more freaked out by the quy putting a skewer into his belly button than this! Having said that I do think that in some cases when the act can be hugely damaging to the body that it may not just be a “body mod” kinda thing and more a worry. I think that sometimes people need to step back a little and think hold on thats not healthy. He appears to be managing ok, I am surprised and interested in what he has achieved. and I hope that he stays safe but I’m not sure that I can celebrate this.

  31. YES! i finally found something on modblog that squicks me out and makes me feel a little faint.

    i’m not really sure what to say. it’s awesome, but damn..

    does this guy have an iam page or some way we could contact him?

  32. Awesome, that made my day, and for some reason I find these images relaxing…

    I also wonder about his wet pants, if maybe he pushed against his bladder…


  33. thepiercedbird: “You know, the fact that people can do things like this makes you kinda want to hit people who whine about stupid shit…..Or who come to ModBlog and criticize the featured people.”Oh, the irony.What would you have everyone do, blindly(and blandly) agree with whatever comes down the pike? Jesus…the amount of people who complain about discourse on modblog is sometimes astounding. This is a public forum, open to anyone with an internet connection. The world is full of criticism-good and bad.Be realistic here….you are looking at a man with a heavily scarred belly inserting and jabbing his abdominal cavity with large foot-long metal bars as a form of enjoyment. People are allowed to react with just about anything imaginable…because for most people something this out there(barring the totally jaded regular modblog readers like myself) this IS unimaginable.

  34. I think this is one of the few things that’s caused a shiver to run down my back. Highly respect this guy, especially from his courage to show off something he usually keeps private.

    Then, after getting used to it, I looked and thought.. Does anyone else think a few of the scars in the last picture look like extra navels?

  35. Wow. thats crazy. I’ve seen some incredible stuff on modblog like the small skewer directly through the navel but this tops that by far.

  36. I am amazed….something I could never do…..this man is brave in a way I can’t explain…you have huge cajones my German Friend.

  37. Good post starspring! I find these pics way beyond my comfort level. Whilst I’d love to say “great” to everything I see on here, this just goes beyond my comprehension.

    Not that I’m criticising anyone here or the guy in the photos, but personally this is just too, too much.

  38. ok so here’s my question
    unless im missing something
    im wondering how he gets the rod under his skin
    does he make an incision with a scalpel first?
    or a large gauge blade needle?
    its nothing short of amazing thats for sure
    pushing the limits of the human body once again shattering whatever we thought couldnt or shouldnt be done

  39. Yay for everyone who seems to be more accepting now than you were with the more controvertial posts of the past few months. good for you!

  40. this completely squicks me out but fascinates me at the same time.

    it does make me think of how some people who do something similar would be considered mentally ill but i guess it all comes down to motivation. improving/exploring a body or mutilating it.

    as long as he has good reasons, damn, that’s cool!

  41. I was expecting something more graphic from the tone of the disclaimer but it’s really not all that bad.

    It reminds me of this idea I had for what would be an impossible piercing. Basically it would be a giant off centered barbell passing through the body just under the rib cage.

    Does he ever have a “Oh shit i just poked something important” moment?

  42. Not to downplay this guy, but I feel like I got more of a spiritual awe from seeing photos of Mirin Dajo, because there were no noticable marks on his body, it just seemed much more outside of what I’m used to seeing.

  43. first off i’d like to say that im not posting with the intention of offending anyone or starting shit.

    i guess i just don’t get this kind of stuff. i like to see it because i like seeing fucked up shit, but other than that it doesn’t impress me or make me feel anything.

  44. How much preparation does this sort of thing take? (I mean like theoretical stuff like anatomy so you don’t pierce something vital- Though I do understand it probably takes quite a bit of mental and physcial preparation as well.)

  45. That’s OK, no-one’s holding you down and skewering you :D
    Thanks for not being rude (I’ve taken to thanking people who aren’t rude, there’s so few of them!)
    Hugs and xs

  46. #27
    It still astounds me how people can come in here and judge on a BODY MODIFICATION BLOG. If all people are going to do is make comments about how people are “ill and need help, not encouragement”, why bother coming here in the first place? Obviously this is beyond you. It really sickens me that Shannon has to put disclaimers on posts because of unaccepting, judgemental people that couldn’t even begin to understand a person’s personal decisions to modify and push their limits with their own body. I personally think this is really fascinating and although I would never do it myself, I can respect another person’s decision to live their own life they way they see fit.

  47. This is awesome. I showed it to my sisters and they screamed.

    I hate when people like teenagerfrommars get all crybaby about other’s criticism. This is not a perfect world and NOBODY is accepting of everything. Plus the main reason Al Gore created the internet was so that people all over the world could talk shit to each other. If you’re so insecure that you can’t handle ONLINE insults, then wipe the tears off your face and go back to fantasy land.

  48. Yes, rudeness exists. But why become desensitised to it when you could be doing something, however small, about it?
    Being kind and polite is good.

  49. Being kind and polite is good.

    Posted by Em
    Update Posted on this day By the allnew Em who would like to be called from now on Me …who is not polite or good to say the least so all u motherfuckers plz pay up b4 u attempt 2 cross this bridge in life ~_0 what is payment if ur a chick used panties and if ur a dude ur liver…+_*

  50. 94-
    If people think something is gross or someone “needs help” because the person making the insults doesn’t understand, WHY look and then make asshole comments about it? It wasn’t even about criticism, it was someone being an idiot. I can understand criticism, I do not appreciate comments that are made without one ounce of understanding behind them. It’s not me, so why the hell would *I* have to deal with online insults? I was simply supporting the guy who chose to modify HIS body to HIS liking. If you can’t appreciate people giving this guy appreciation for being so open about his apparent controvercial body mods, why are you here?

  51. Tons of people are assholes and in my opinion, the vast majority of people are stupid. As a result, I’m extremely apathetic towards what others have to say, most especially if they’re just talking shit on the internet.

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    If u want to hear music that blows big long thick donkey cocks and spit the load out in2 a shot glass,and hell drink right in front of u for only $5 bucks camera shots cost $3 dollars more…~_0

  53. Argh! Yet another person who didn’t get enough attention when he was little.


  54. i want know more!!
    can u make a interwie about how comes do this Shannon? i feel so curious about mental procedure…

    i like the scars too…

  55. Thanks for supporting us Bradley. I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying, but I can detect your hostility towards the band. These are exactly the types of reactions we aim to achieve, and they’re what keeps us going.

  56. If you know Shannon, how long does it take your German Friend to heal after something like this?

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  58. you was right saying that the pics was realy intense!

    the first one especialy

    the second and third one are not that intense….

    but the ritual still so hardcore!

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  60. Guys..Mirin Dajo pierced his ORGANS. His lungs, stomach, kidneys even his HEART.
    many doctors attested that any other person would have died from what he did, and he did it hundreds of times.
    It’s way more than what the bloke posted here shows.

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