Don’t look down…

Alright, I don’t like leaving too unusual an entry on the very top, so let me share with you this pretty play piercing photo from Adam at Psycho City Tattoo in Lancaster, CA, done using 14ga captive bead rings (in a temporary placement).

18 thoughts on “Don’t look down…

  1. i’m a back man… and that’s one fine piece of back… mmm mmm… oh, and thanks Shannon for the not so unsual post… now where’s the pic of the guy with a Buick in his butt? don’t leave us hangin’ bro-seph… haha… adios

  2. my god, tis looks really georgous,
    i really love it (also the tattoo) it’s so damn georgous begin march i’m also gonna put a corset on my back :P

  3. Awwww, Heart bat! Is that sad it’s the first thing I saw? Yay. I love the AFI tattoo and the coooorset. Pretty, pretty.

  4. I have 3 piercings myself eyebrow, nose and belly button. I was wondering how that would compare to something like this? C-Cat! Peace!

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