Healed Scars

When I recently posted the scar of the hand that was in its healing phase, I was sent an email asking me to post more fully healed scarifications (what, don’t like them fresh?). Below are two good examples, with the one on the left (the heart cutting) being done about two years ago by John Joyce at Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse, NY. The one on the right (the floral/leaf pattern) is about five months old, cut by David at Slave to the Needle in Seattle, WA.

55 thoughts on “Healed Scars

  1. Now that is a perfect pair of breasts.

    ……what? Oh, scars, yeah. Yup, they’re good too.

  2. Lord I absolutely love the leaf scarification, it’s so perfect, it just looks as though it were always there. I actually don’t think I’ve seen a nicer healed scar.
    The hearts are so pretty too, I love the placement.

  3. The leaf pattern is astonishingly lovely. Looks like it’s grown organically on her skin…

  4. Totally wierd, i was planning on getting a fern-leave scar in the same place as the one on the right. The people on this web-site never fails to beat me to the chase.

  5. i loveeeeeeeeeee that fern scar a LOT! that healed SO WELL! (am the left girl) i always fawn over other people’s scars and never see healed ones so thanks for posting that one. ughn! that fern is so wonderful.

  6. I agree CupCake, Dontcha just HATE that?! =) I hope I NEVER see my personally designed brand on this site unless I put it here. LOL In this community, emulation *isnt* the sincerest form of flattery.

    I think these scars are enviably beautiful. Funny how little changes make things so damn desirable. I have this insane urge to run my fingertips over that leaf scar….

  7. The leaf scars are amazing! They looks so delicate and beautiful. The hjearts are also quite nice – I think I like the placement more than the scars, but they do look nice on her.

  8. “Lord I absolutely love the leaf scarification, it’s so perfect, it just looks as though it were always there. I actually don’t think I’ve seen a nicer healed scar.”

    Can’t think of a better way to say it, so I’ll just second what Amy said.

  9. Wow the leaf scarification is absolutely beautiful…its one of the first I’ve seen thats actually made me want scarification done.

  10. I had scarification done on my outer thigh by David 2 + years ago – good to see he’s getting some recognition! I’ve been very happy with the work he did on me.

  11. That’s so beautiful, a veritable masterpiece. It probably helps that the subject is well-crafted to start with, but, like, WOW.

  12. I agree with what everyone said about the leaf scar, but I also think the heart one is quite lovely as well. Rebecca- is there a pic of your scarification by David on BME?

  13. out of pure curiosity, does the girl on the left have scarification on her aureloa (can’t spell it)? It looks like she has a flower or a clover scarification on them. I love the fern cutting! It scarred so beautifully and melds so well with her body.

  14. the fern scarfication is AMAZING. i wonder how she got it to heal so well .. no huge keloids or anything?

  15. Wow, i think i’ve been browsing this site way too long, the first thing i noticed was the hearts, and i never even looked at her breasts until Tohnia #28 mentioned the suspected clover, which i have to agree, it does look like she has a 4 leaf clover on it.

    I absolutely love the fern cutting, its absolutely perfect and i’d love something similar except it just wouldn’t suit me.

  16. HAHA to set things straight the hearts are the only scarification i have! there is absolutely no four leafed clover ! that’s a strange observation though?

  17. i love the way scarifications look but all of the scars i have itch frequesntly, for more than a year or two after i get them, so i don’t know if i’d be interested in having one for asthetic reasons. if anyone has a larger scarification, like the fern, doesn’t that itch like hell?

  18. That leaf scar has got to be the single prettiest modification I’ve ever seen. No kidding.

  19. I remember lizzhickey and her work from mybodystory! I thought both girl and scars were gorgeous, and I’m delighted to see more pictures~ That fern is amazing too.

  20. 42, I have a quite big scarification (broader and a bit bolder than the leaf one), is one month old and itches from time to time, but nothing horrible.. I try to keep it hydrated to avoid it.

  21. I have a pubic scar, and it itches like hell, sure. its 6months old now..but I kinda like it, also if its not the most comfortable place to put your hands on when you’re wolking in the streets and itches… 😛

  22. I’m in awe at how well both of these healed. Beautiful scars on a beautiful woman. Well damn that almost makes me sound like a wife beater doesn’t it. :b

  23. pretty much the sexiest thing ever and its not that shes topless, don’t get me wrong there amazing but the scars absolutley beautiful

  24. i love them fresh, and that’s partly the problem. i don’t think they look all that great healed. if they could stay fresh forever, that would be sweet.

    i think i might get a bit of scarification anyways, but i’m definitely looking forward to tattoos more.

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