Eye of Ra, Play Pierced

Frederick Mackmiller had this series of play piercings done in the shape of an Eye of Horus by Dorian Antes at Beneath the Skin in Las Cruces, NM. As a related point of trivia, as well as being a symbol of royalty, as a part of language the eye symbols generally meant “to do” or “to perform”.

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33 thoughts on “Eye of Ra, Play Pierced

  1. Interesting take on the concept. Its both symbolic and artfull. Someone recently propostioned me for a play piercing scene. Maybe if I can do the artsy thing It would be worth it. I’ll sure i’ll post pitures.

  2. It would have been cleaner, but there were wiggling problems. (did I spell wiggling right?)

  3. This is eye of god Horus!!! Not Ra!
    Ra is the god of sun, horus is god-falcon!!!

    My girlfriend is studing egiptology. ;)

  4. Maybe I’m mistaken, but isn’t the curl at the bottom supposed to face the other way? Either way, it’s kick ass and a great concept!

  5. Hell, I guess I should bone up on my egyptian mythology. Been a long time since I took an anthro class.

  6. “horus” is pronounced “hra” with a really soft “h”… almost “ra” but not quite.

    It is usually just pronounced “ra”, although the correct spelling is Horus. As someone pointed out, Ra is a different dude.

    Just had to release that random bit of info stored in my brain.

  7. Ra is the old god of the sun from Lower Egypt, so it sort of applies, but the myth is about Osiris and the eye of Horus.

  8. looks cool…..but with a little more preparation, you could have easily done the piercings much more even, and not had all that pen on the skin. I would love to see this design portrayed by just the needles. It just takes a little creative experimentation to get it just right…….otherwise, looks cool……


  9. I don’t think it would have been too hard to get them more even if the guy didn’t move, but he squirmed like a worm.

  10. the depth is different on every needle, and some of them hardly make it out the other end of the skin…..just my evaluation…..


    To the dude that says his girlfriend is studying Egypt; tell her to quit her studies because she obviously hasn’t picked any of it up.

    There are TWO eyes that belong to Horus. The left eye, and the right eye. One symbolises the moon, the other symbolises the sun. The “Left Eye of Horus”, is called “The Eye of Thoth”. And the “Right Eye of Horus”, is called “The Eye of Ra (Re)”.

    This is indeed the right eye. So it is the right eye of Ra (Re), belonging to Horus.

  12. I want to get a tattoo of an egyptian eye but I want to know what is the difference between the eye of horus and the eye of Ra and would it matter if I get either one. don’t they both look the same?

  13. I have the eye of ra tattoo on my wrist my boyfriend is half egyption and ra and horus ae the sme thing the onlt dif is the left eye and the right eye are different names :D i have the right one which is god of the sun/sky and preotection of evil . . people who say ra is evil in hebrew wtf its an egyptian symbol so hats hebrew gotta do with it their arabic!

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