22 thoughts on “Upper Breast Surface Piercings

  1. I hope hey heal to Shannon…but I’m not optimistic my friend
    just tried that and they didn’t heal.

  2. Urgh, i’m so tired i read the caption as “Ugly Breast Surface Piercings” and was like “wtf was shannon thinking?? they’re so cute!”

    heh, that being said, they are very hot, hope they heal

  3. i am not an IAM member anymore :/ i have to cut myself off from this internet thing sometimes in order to not procrastinate with university work.

  4. if i had hips like that, i would rule the world, and every man’s dick.

    i really hope those piercings heal well too.

  5. They really look wonderful, i wish i had the shape to fullfill that type of peircing..they are beautiful

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