Riding the Trainer

Pretty funny photo — I’ve been trying to figure out if the chair has just been painted on the wall?

“Winter sucks,” says Scotty B! Personally I like winter, but I’m into big trucks with big tires, not ecologically and physically responsible vehicles unfortunately. Tattoos by Scott Sylvia, Jef Whitehead, Jeff Rassier, and Ben Thompson at Blackheart Tattoo in San Francisco, CA.

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38 thoughts on “Riding the Trainer

  1. Go buy some Hakkapeliittas and get out there, ya wuss! Do it now! NOWWW!

    As a side note, I frostnipped the bridge of my nose again last night riding. See? It’s fun!

  2. Ur just stupid instigator..ride with the propper gear u hoe dedoor the pizza man is here and he has a 2 litter in tha other hand ..thx ~_0

  3. On the wuss side… only bitches ride bikes with seats on …the real men take it off at the POST ~_)

  4. cutest dog in the whole entire world!! i mean it! is that a miniature australian shepherd?

  5. we have had a series of blizzards here that have made training rides impossible. i can still ride to and from work but good luck doing intervals on a ice-covered hill. its not going to happen. there is a difference between riding in the cold and training in the cold.

  6. i think the seat is painted on the wall lol the colour is too similar for it not to be…

  7. Uh Emily, German Shepherds have slightly different markings…namely golden and black.

    At a guess, I would suggest that the dog is a blue heeler, or a cattle dog perhaps?

  8. um, tokyowars, i said austrailian shepherd, not german shepherd. and aussies are sheep dogs (i grew up with them and even the ones raised only in homes still nip heels sometimes).

  9. Dude… I ride in the Springs too… what shop do you work at?

    And I’ve been doing the same thing. Trainers FTW!

  10. I believe his bike is a fixed single speed style bike. Generally the brakes are activated when you pedal backwards. Mountain biking in the snow rocks.

  11. I firmly hold the opinion that riding a bicycle on the snow sucks; it’s like riding in sand, only worse. Riding on the streets in the snow is just dangerous; I’ve taken a few bad falls, and nearly been taken out by a car during one of those falls.
    But hands down the worst part is keeping your toes warm. I’ve got shoe covers, and I wear warm socks, but today my toes ended up so cold after a short ride (like, 3 miles short) that I couldn’t feel them at all for about ten minutes. The best shoes I can find are only rated down to 10F, and today it was 9F…
    I can’t wait for spring.
    OTOH, having your breath freeze in your beard as you bike is an oddly interesting sensation.

  12. I firmly hold the opinion that riding a bicycle on the snow is part of being a rider,propper gear, and layers,layers,layers are needed. I pull a bob cart behind me thru the snow on the way to bikrams yoga class so that i can have full new dry layers for the ride home, Bad falls are part of being a rider,cars swallow ….spring deeezzz nutzzz ~_0

  13. Yah, intervals in snow sucks. Studded tires feel like you’re riding through wet concrete, but for strength training it’s great.

    Bonus is that you don’t have nasty falls if you do it right.

  14. Am I the only one wondering about what king of DVD is in the NetFlix envelope? Posted by pleezfriskme
    Mind ur own buzzness u stupif fuck if he wanted u to know he would had it stapled tohis forhead for the shot…dam sum peopel are so fuckin Nosey ~_0

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