That’s a 1,000% increase in diameter!

Christian started out with a 1.6mm (14ga) conch piercing, and stretched it (DIY in Sweden, and no tissue has been cut out) slowly to 16mm (5/8″). Not an easy piercing to stretch so far!

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28 thoughts on “That’s a 1,000% increase in diameter!

  1. Я в шоке!!!!! так тÑ?нуть хрÑ?щ!!! реÑ?пект и уважуха!!!!!=)))

  2. wow, thats impressive.
    Is that a tunnel, or a clear acrylic plug? I’m guessing the latter, as a tunnel would probably make it pretty damn hard to hear.

  3. MOTHERFUCKER! some serious suffering must have gone on in that stretching process. impressive!

  4. i only got my conch up to an 8g so far and that shit hurt.
    it’s definatly a hard piercing to stretch. good job man. (i wonder how many fall backs he had while doing this?)

  5. Im always impressed with anyone who stretches cartilage. My ex got his conches pierced at a 10 and got them up to a 2. They were GORGEOUS. I wish I had that kind of pain tolerance! Im not sure Im that brave, esp. since I’ve heard scary stories of cartilage “shattering” during the stretching process.

  6. Where does the cartilage go? I mean I see a little rim around the piercing, but not enough to justify that. I guess I just don’t understand what goes on when cartilage gets stretched.

  7. Cartilage basicly deteriorates when stretched. If you ever meet someone with a large gauge septum (00 or above) that was stretched from a smaller size…let them get comfortable with you and then ask if you can feel around in their nose. The back of mine has formed a semi-circle and kind of pushed the skin out a little around the sides, it’s actually my favorite part of my septum. And yes this is an impressive stretch, I’ve stretched mine from an initial 6 gauge up to a 2g but lost the 2 after having slept on my ears too many times, most painful shit ever

  8. it doens look very weel streched. like a blow out. i streched mine from 1,6 to 10 and is peferct. but it tooks alot of time and patence.

  9. For the “how does it affect hearing” questions — I can’t speak for someone else, but my own conches affect my hearing, but very slightly. I can tell a difference between porous and non-porous plugs (say wood versus glass) and definitely between eyelets over plugs. It’s really minor and super-subtle… not something I constantly notice unless I pay attention to it or I’m trying to notice but it does slightly affect the hearing.

  10. This is absolutely GORGEOUS. I’ve had lots of experience with stretching cartilage (i have two stretched conch piercings one at 2 and one at 4g and a 2g upper cartilage piercing). Stretching cartilage isn’t very fun… lots of stretching, shrinking etc… But wow… this is what i aspire to… BEAUTIFUL.

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