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My friend and occasional BME writer Bizarroboy (see also: Arty Time, Dripping, Eye Can See More, or A Salaryman’s View) just finished a lengthy teaching stint deep in Australia and had a chance to do an interview about ritual cutting (what would be called “self injury” here) and subincision among Aboriginal people in Australia… Watch for that either here or on BME in the next week or two.

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11 thoughts on “Coming soon!

  1. I agree Dragon! I look forward to reading this story. There’s something mystical about the Australian native tribes ever since I read the Lynn V Andrews series. (not that one could call that genre of books true to life….)

  2. I spent my childhood growing up in outback australia in small aboriginal communities, scarring was still practised along with other rituals, I also remember many big septum holes

  3. I spent my childhood wondering about the rituals of my people. My dad and grandma were both children of the stolen generation so I missed out on so much growing up. And I still wonder what it would have been like growing up with my people.

    Im so looking forward to reading this story.

  4. Wow! So awesome to see the native people of my homeland on here :) I have a lot of respect for their culture, unlike some of the “whites” over here…

  5. I’m really looking forward to reading this one as well. It’s nice to see that the Australian Aboriginies aren’t being overlooked for the part they’ve played in the history of body modification.

  6. I am very interested in learning how aborigines do their scaring. I would lve to have some body scars done by aborigines. I love the spirituality which is combined with their initiation and life. I also want to be subincised by an aboriginal. I love the aboriginal life stile and would love to be able to go and live with them.

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