34 thoughts on “12 Zodiac Constellations Sleeve

  1. Heh. The second thing I noticed was there was no Modblog Stamp on this and a couple of posts below..

    The first thing I noticed was how awesome this tattoo is. 🙂

  2. Why evry1 here knows that is not ur real arm ..that u photo shopped it for the pic..I saw u at the mall food court and u didnt have any tattoos at all..dont try us here we are way 2 smart for that kind of stfu..>~_0

  3. That is one of the most beautiful sleeves I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see some closer pics.

    (Hey, Bradly *waves*. Every forum needs a little stick to stir the shit lol.)

  4. (Hey, Bradly *waves*. Every forum needs a little stick to stir the shit lol Posted by HereKittyKitty
    Why dont u come visit mea under the mod blod bidge and ill show ua how little mya stick is and ill even let u have suma my kids 4 me buta ill never claim that they R mine cuse evry1 no’s tha Trolls get taxed like a motherfucker ~_0 P.S would u plz bring with u a six pack of thai springs rolls with that deluicoasuis dipping sauce and and sum of ur used razor blades for the litlle uns 2 play with *_+

  5. I really like the sleeve – it’s a concept that I’d consideredbefore but never went through with. But I’m glad someone has and it looks so great ^^

  6. I really like this theme, it’s nice to see something other than koi/flower/dragon sleeves. Now before everyone jumps all over me, it’s not that I don’t like these themes, it’s just that i’ve seen a lot of them.

  7. So are closer pics of the sleeve coming out Monday or just higher resolutions of the above pics?

    (Bradly, If I’m havin the kids then YOU’RE bringin the spring rolls and six pack, ok? It’s only fair.)

  8. This sleeve is totally amazing, awesome.
    The colours are great, the black makes you think you’re looking at constellations in the sky.
    Job great, love it.

  9. Completely breathtaking. Wonderful job, great execution, just perfect.

    I covet. I love the blackground. 🙂

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