Pitbull Portrait

This portrait of the client’s dog is a work in progress by Justin the Blood at In the Blood Tattoos and Rock N’Roll in Pittsburgh, PA. Oh, and am I crazy in thinking that he looks a little like a meaner, tattooed version of Spencer Rice (as in the “nice guy” from Kenny Vs. Spenny)?

If you like stuff all about dogs, lots of people have tattooed their best friends, like Eddie, Binky, and Pee Wee Martini, or this beagle, another beagle, a curious Dachsund, a Shar-pei, and this Boston terrier. There’s also fictional dogs like Toto, Dogbert, Bebe Dog, and Clarus the Dogcow. Not into tattoos? There’s also dog scars and dog scar portraits, as well as suspending over dogs, a dog riding a suspension, a dog lifted by suspension old tattooed dogs, new tattooed dogs, pierced dogs, and even dog shocker collars!

Beat that, cat people.

22 thoughts on “Pitbull Portrait

  1. well out of my three paw print scars on the right side of my back, only the first one (the original one) is my cat’s pawprint. the other two paw prints belong to two of my dogs. LOL!

  2. too bad the tattoo looks nothing like his real dog… but looks like good work…

  3. the tat has cropped ears, doggie does not. I guess it’s nice that if he prefers the aesthetics of cropped ears he chose to have it portrayed on his body rather than subjecting his canine companion to the unnecessary surgical procedure.

  4. Holly… I know the bloke very well th eonly reason that he had the doggie (so u call it) have its ears cropped 4 the tattoo is cuase it was cheaper cuase there was less ear to have tattitooed , i mean i told him dude wiat till next pay day to finish the eras but sum peopl ewill never listen to good advice comming from brainic jeanniusus like myself so if u evevr need advice on any matter that u cant seem to handle plz feel free to stop by and visit and talk with me and ill teell u evryting that u need to know but where always afraid 2 find OUT ~_0

  5. I actually did a double take when I first saw this and was like, “HOLY SHIT SPENNY GOT TATTOOS?”.


  6. I’m in the U.S. and I use to watch K vs. S on the game show network very late at night. Does it still come on in Canada?

  7. I could be wrong but I think the dog you’re calling a boston terrier is actually a french bulldog

  8. Shame that this guy’s tattoo doesn’t actually look anything like his dog. I’ve seen some amazing pet portraits at BME, but that looks more like a generic “yeah gimme a real tough pit bull” tat.

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