63 thoughts on “Heart Shaped Earlobe Scalpelling

  1. Maybe she hopes she’ll be able to wear heart-shaped plugs ^^
    (of course it would be impossible but imagine how cute it would be)

    That said, interesting work. I hope they will heal well.

  2. Aw, cute. It’d be awesome if you could get heart shaped plugs =]
    And the bottom hole of that industrial looks a bit..weird.

  3. if they where custom made heat-shaped plugs wouldn’t be impossible, they would be original

  4. All the shapes you can see are convex (circles, teardrop, triangles, etc). A heart is concave.
    To see this, just try and wrap an elastic (imagine it’s a stretched lobe) around a circle, a triangle, and then try with a heart.
    Or maybe it’s possible after all, but there will be space left when the plug is in, and when it’s out your lobe will just have a normal shape, the same as this scalpelling work.

    Anyway, maybe it can work (it wouldn’t be my first surprise on BME), I’m just a bit sceptic about it ^^

  5. It was a very cute/neat Idea but its near impossible to maintain a shape like that, especially once jewelry is worn and the lobe loosens.

    They are in fact no longer heart shaped. It made for an adorable picture though!.

  6. That industrial bar looks a bit too small…nice scalpelling work though, I’d imagine that to be pretty difficult to do with a design like that.

  7. The bar is too small , but I alternate between ones that are too big and too small. I keep ordering more and more but I’ve got nothing but a collection of wrong sized barbells. I went to the “best place in town” and even they gave me the wrong size~!

    I dont know how you could get an odd shape to heal and maintain form, As soon as you put jewelry in the ear loosens in an entirely different way.

  8. I understand why any normal person couldn’t have heart-shaped plugs, but since she’s had her lobe cut into the heart shape, I don’t see why she couldn’t wear them. The point of her lobe would fit nicely in the dip of the heart, wouldn’t it?

    I mean, if she put in heart plugs once the scalpelling is fresh, wouldn’t it just heal that way?

  9. maybe the little dent in the top of the heart shape could be filled with something harder to maintain its integrity. that way, heart shaped plugs could become a possibility…especially if the little dent isnt going to budge…

  10. Heart shaped plugs ARE possible. The void at the top wouldn’t be a problem at all, the lobe just wouldn’t be in contact all the way around – but there are already designs where that’s the case. (and sure, you could have an in-fill if you really wanted)

    In fact, the point at the base is potentially a bigger issue (but easily surmountable, as with triangular plugs), since it would potentially make for a pressured point, but this could be dealt with in the flaring.

  11. This is completely disgusting. What kind of retard would want to desecrate their body like this. Good luck trying to look like a human again.

  12. moron in #33, human according to your defination?
    moron in #30 you are the moron.
    future moron in #…. you are in a bodymodblog

  13. i love when people attempt to insult our community by calling us freaks. i, for one, am proud that i am ‘freaky’ enough to look the way i want to with no real regard for what others have to say.

  14. Attrocious. Why in the hell would you want to totally ruin your earlobes like that? Do these people no consider the effects of that when they turn 70? I mean, it’s not gonna heal on it’s own. That’d require surgery.

  15. ya i agree
    thats just gross
    i bet that for the first few days its all bloody and uglAY!
    probly NOT a good idea
    *stupid ppl*

  16. No “these people” dont think about anything they do, especially considering it takes YEARS to accomplish certain tasks. I guess its a number of years of existing oblivious. Then one day they wake up and say oh shit some angry monkey cyborgs ate a chunk of my ear! Ahhh!!!! Really get a fucking clue. And as I said like 40 million times the ear will not heal into that shape. The shape is already gone, it was a cute picture nothing else. The ear loosens and with jewelry in or out my ear looks just like every other stretched lobe. And bless my soul if i make it to 70 in the first place., who cares about tomorrow it may never come.

  17. vampryixie
    What the hell are you talking about??
    I think a monkey cyborg took a hunk of your brain

  18. That was in response to #40. and #41 isnt much better. The “dont these people think” question is kind of annoying taking into consideration the amount of time it takes to acheive such large sized mods.

  19. I think thats pretty amazing.

    And yes i have seen Heart Shaped Plugs In An Online Store.
    Try searching it on Google.

    A rough outline of the heart – But a amazing job anyway.

    How much did you pay for that?

    Im hoping to get something done simular.

  20. there are ideas that are genius in concept but should never be taken into implementation…. this is one of them

  21. That’s cute?! That’s fucking gross man! His ear lobe is fucking shredded, it barely even looks like a heart unless it’s stretched out like, he’s doing in the 3rd picture. Omfg, it’s all chunky and shit, looks like a hole with a scabbed lining. Man, I can’t believe this dumbass cut out a chunk of his earlobe… and for what? He was probably drunk and just wanted to fuck some emo bitch, so he made like Vango and cut out a little present for her. Must have sucked when he sobered up the next morning.

  22. Note to WDHDT:
    first of all, the mangled lobes are a chicks, what guy wants heart shaped holes anywhere? Secondly, the only practical purpose for that mutilation is if she need earplugs at a concert: she can just loop the lobe over the top of her ear and cut out the loud music and her chatty mother who’s probably sitting next to her.

  23. hey vampryixie can i have that chunk of your lobe!? you know, seeing as you’re an emo boy i figured you’d jump at any female attention… haha you’re wonderful btw. so after your lobes loosened up what size did you end up with?

  24. For all you pathetic dumbfucks who get on a bodymod blog and act so disgusted. GET THE FUCK OFF THE SITE! If Body modification isn’t your thing and you think it’s disgusting. Stay aware from the site.. it’s pathetic how close minded you all are.

  25. Kevin
    You know when you’re driving, and there’s a wreck on the side of the road, and everybody slows down to see the pore pathetic people injured and bleeding on the side of the road, and you look for a while before you head on down the road, WELL, that’s the attraction of Bodmods.
    It’s entertaining to see how bizarre and insane a group of people can be when they decide to mutilate their bodies.
    I want to see more, more!!!! More spikes in heads, more hanging from trees by the balls, more raw flesh!!! YEAH!!

  26. dear tRex;
    go away. nobody wants you here.

    it’s fine if you’d like to gawk at a unique, closely-tied community, but would you make negative comments if you saw all those “pore pathetic people injured and bleeding on the side of the road”? it’s your choice to look at what you like but if you’re going to inflict your closed-mindedness on people who did nothing to you, that’s obnoxious.

  27. Gillian
    Although our views differ, I totally respect the courage you have shown coming forward and being a spokesperson for the unique, closely-tied community of bod modders. You have demonstrated that you have the ability to make the giant leap from the community of ‘soccer team’ to ‘bod mod’, with a maturinty that is beyond that of an 8th grader.
    I hope your mom lets you get the butterfly tattoo when you get your GED.

  28. tRex- not only have you reaffirmed that your mind is tightly shut, but you’re also utilizing every unfair, unmotivated stereotype to make yourself feel superior to me. had my username allotted any more information to you than it does, i have no doubt that you would have latched onto that and used it in the same way. i’m going to be the bigger person here and truly respect your adherence to your personal beliefs, not just to be sarky. sorry if i burst your internet-battle bubble, but this conversation is over.

  29. How about heart shaped plugs for your inner ear??? Would that work?
    Maybe I’ll try!! =)

  30. that is beautiful…and as for the trolls lurking well they should know that you/ we dont care what kind of crap consumes their closed minds.

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