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One of Ryan Zachary‘s customers (Tattoo art by Ryan, Portland) felt strongly enough about the silly evolution versus intelligent design “debate” to get their comment on it tattooed on them! That said, it may turn out that early primates did live in the time of dinosaurs, although the odds of them wearing business suits would be very low I think. Only a modern human would degrade themselves like that.

38 thoughts on “Pro-Evolution Tattoo

  1. And I don’t see why a brontosaurus would chase a man, anyway.

    The fact that there isn’t a period at the end of that sentence bugs me…

  2. I had an insane christian woman tell me (with a straight face) that dinosuars were on noahs’ ark…absolute insanity

    the tattoo is adorable by the way

  3. Plus the brontosaurus (or brachiosaurus) was a veggie-saur…they’d just look at you and sneeze on you.

    Though I do tend to take my view on dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.

  4. It wasn’t really a pro-evolution tattoo as much as it was found art from a children’s educational book. That was the actual caption on the picture

  5. this is MY tattoo done by the fantastic ryan zachary. aside from the hilarity or the uniqueness of the tattoo, i really love the idea that it is a reminder to mankind that we are impermenant. if something as amazing as the dinosaurs could just up and vanish, then we (the ‘most advanced species’) can surely drop off the face of the earth with little or no warning. it’s a way to keep my head out of the clouds and to remain close to Nature, having realized that it is Nature that inevitably remains, through and through.

  6. Kent Hovind was sentenced to prison last month. I’ll declare this tattoo in partial celebration of creation “science” people getting theirs. hahahaha

  7. Thanks for posting cynthiarodriguez. I liked the tattoo before I read your comment, now after reading it I like it even more 🙂

  8. Is that a man in a suit, or a postal worker? Cuz it looks like he’s carrying a messanger bag, and like the dino is chasing him like a dog.
    In which case, my love for it is x 20

  9. i wish ultra-liberal tattoo artists wouldn’t push their “scientific” viewpoint onto their customers.

  10. i think i’ve read this children’s book before… the picture looks familiar.

    and i’m so getting a dino-themed tattoo someday.

    evolution IS scientific. and it’s not just ultra-liberal people who know it happened…

  11. sorry i’m a geology major with a concentration in paleontology – dinosaurs still disappeared far before any hominids. primates, still, probalby did not evolve til 10 million years after the dinosaurs went extinct. and these primates would be almost nothing humanoid, they’d be old-world monkeys.

  12. i always figured if dinosaurs and humans did exist together then we wouldn’t be here for several reasons: 1) most dinosaurs were huge! with on push of the toe,one snap of the jaw we’re done for; and 2) if for whatever reason every single speices of dinosaur and many surroundling animals died off,why didn’t we? we’re more vulnerable to the elements than many creatures that walk on this earth.

  13. That is an awesome tattoo. I love how even though he doesn’t really have a face, you can still (or I can, anyway) totally imagine his dismayed expression a la the eggheaded stick figures from “Good Idea … Bad Idea”.

    “Kent Hovind was sentenced to prison last month.”

    No shit? HAHAHAAAAAAAA! About time.

  14. People always ask me whether I’m gonna work with dinosaurs! I do ARCHAEOLOGY. I think that those people ought to read this tattoo…

  15. Glorious tattoo. That’s a children book worth reading, it is.

    And since when is evolution an ultra-liberal view? I was under the impression that it was the view of the majority.

  16. #23 – anyone who is faced with the idiocy of creationism or intelligent design has a duty to ‘force’ their scientific viewpoints on the creationist or intelligent design propagandist. anyways, that being said, i love this tattoo… i’ve been thinking of an evolution tattoo for myself so seeing this one made me excited!

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