"They’re suspension scars, not backne!!"

Emily in Binghamton (tattoo done at Hand of Doom in Buffalo, NY) dropped me a line that she’s looking to get involved with or help start a suspension team in her area (everybody can do with a few paired dot scars to confuse the mundanes). I know it’s been in the news lately, but let me again remind you that for suspension things like this, as well as real-life stuff and BME’s resources, a great place to go is suspension.org.

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66 thoughts on “"They’re suspension scars, not backne!!"

  1. I love how the mention of starting a suspension team is actually 1 whole sentence out of a fairly long email that is about including larger women on ModBlog. Hi-laaarious.

    Emily, you’re beautiful! (Hey, I’m based in Binghamton too!)

  2. carolyn – That’s because as I have said over and over, this isn’t a blog about people’s weight, and I really wish people would stop obsessing about it… If I were to say “and here’s someone who’s a size 12″, I’m making the statement that that’s unusual, or needs mention, and I don’t feel that a person’s weight is relevant unless they make it so (like if they’re a feeder/gainer or a pro-ana person or something).

  3. I have talked to Emily at length about Shaman33 and I starting something small in our area. As far as location goes, the only groups close enough to suspend with are either in Geneva, NY or NYC, it makes more sense to start something here.

  4. shannon — i think the reason people make it be about the weight of the people you post is because you do post a lot of very very skinny girls, and not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, i can easily understand why us bigger girls feel excluded. i think we all know it’s your blog and you’ll post what you want to, but, at least speaking for myself, i know when i don’t see my body-type represented very often, it does make me feel a little bit excluded.
    and i don’t know about anyone else, but for me, my size is as important to me as every tattoo, piercing, and scar i have. i’m guessing others feel the same way, and would be willing to venture that that’s why we put so much importance into it — because it is important.

    and i don’t mean any of this to come off as argumentative or snarky, so i’m sorry if it sounds that way! i’m just trying to explain my point of view! :)

  5. Ash – But it’s not *me* excluding you. The problem is people are CHOOSING not to come to the party, and then pretending after the fact that they got snubbed. (Ie. I’m simply not receiving that many photos from “bigger girls” — when I get them, I post them)…

  6. …um yeah, so apparently this has become “weightblog” since I last visited.

    Back to the point, this is a reall awsome picture a sexy lady indeed and by the way I wish I had a shower like that…very funky.

  7. The sad thing here is that this girl is not particularly large. She has a nice enough body and is basically… average sized, or dare I say in this day and age, smaller than a lot women. She’s certainly not fat, just not super skinny. Why is it that a girl who’s not a size 4 is suddenly considered “large” or “plus sized”? This is a normal girl with a normal healthy body… why is her size being discussed as if she needs an Overeaters Anonymous intervention?

  8. aww thanks so much everyone for all the positive remarks. and yeah, the top of my butt doesn’t like to stay in clothes. after corresponding with shannon for a little bit I think we all need to lay off him. if you want to see change send in some pictures. I sent a few to him last night and this went up today. he was nothing but nice and I think he’s making a good effort. I just hope more girls will send him pictures. also I’m really glad he mentioned the thing about the suspension team because I got a few IMs of people in the area who are also interested.

  9. I get that some of you are speaking of her positively, but I still think it’s telling that even among the positive comments, there needs to be so many people mentioning her size, as if she’s something out of the ordinary… as if people need to justify themselves for actually finding someone attractive who is not anorexic. She’s a normal, regular sized girl. In fact, while it’s hard to tell her height from the photo, she looks to be relatively small framed, with just a bit of normal, healthy padding. At best she’s carrying 10 extra pounds… if she lost 15 she’d be too thin for her body type.

    It amazes me that mention of her weight has to even come into this discussion. This doesn’t come off as just a discussion of “wow, that’s a cute girl”… instead, if comes off as “wow, that’s a cute girl and I like her curves DESPITE the fact that that she’s a fat chick, and we all know fat chicks can’t be hot”.

    I know that’s not what many of you meant to imply… but at the same, that’s the message that comes through. Such comments about her body and size would be more fitting (although equally uncalled for) were she actually someone of size or who had a real weight issue… but she doesn’t… and I somehow have a feeling that some of the people coming her don’t see that. To many of you, this girl IS fat… and that’s what I find disturbing about the comments posted here.

  10. For what it’s worth, my frustrations regarding this issue have come about because of this and other posts here along these same lines. I realize folks weren’t making any excessive comments on this particular entry… just felt like making a point, as this is an issue that seems to be coming up on BME more and more.

    Emily, you are beautiful.


    Gosh. This is MODblog, not “I’m-a-big-girl-and-cant-afford-quality-photos-of-my-modifications-to-post-online-so-I’m-just-going-to-bitch-about-the-skinny-people-who-have-high-quality-photo’s“Blog.

    :( I wasn’t reading the comment for a while, but now I’m almost glad I stopped.

    The Infinity design on her back is lovely. I really enjoy Infinity designs…

  12. Lisa, I dunno if people meant what you were saying, but if they did I don’t care. I know I’m not fat, and I actually am kinda tall. I’m about 5’7″ and personally I think I could stand to lose 20 lbs. I’ve had some surgeries over the past year and a half and thats the weight I’ve gained from it. but still, I kind of half expected negative responses and I don’t think anyone really was. also I dunno if curvy means fat, at least not to me. you could be slender and have a nice ass, hips, and chest and still be curvy, you don’t necessarily have to overweight to be curvy. I know when I lose my surgery weight I’ll still be a curvy girl, just one with a little less tummy :)

  13. the word curvy meaning fat makes me angry. if you honestly think someone is over weight and feel the need to say it, call them fat. no need for a euphimism. personally i’m a size one and i think i’m curvy, my body has curves. that is all. this girl is so gorgeous.

  14. lisa hall, i don’t think a single persons reply came off as “wow, that’s a cute girl and I like her curves DESPITE the fact that that she’s a fat chick, and we all know fat chicks can’t be hotâ€?, as you claim.
    i don’t see a single person calling her fat or insinuating that her beauty is in SPITE of any extra pounds she may be carying, instead i see people saying that the extra pounds enance her overall attractiveness.
    comments like “wow, that body is perfect!” and “why are the best ones always taken” i think illustrate this very clearly.

  15. Wow, what amazing curves. I’m so sick of seeing bones. I love seeing a healthy woman. It’s hot :)

  16. Personally I never meant for curvey = fat. Curvey is how it sounds (a.k.a not having a body that resembles a stick).

    Anyways, she’s average size and I love her tattoo.

    I also agree with #23.

  17. blah blah blah people moaning etc. etc.
    im just curious, i cant see the damn scars :(
    maybe there isnt any, damn its too late for me, sleepy head.
    i see an infinity tattoo and little stars surrounding it, no suspension scars.
    im lead to believe there are no scars at all, people shouldnt be whining over bigger/smaller people. they should be giving out about the lack of scars!
    Shannon im annoyed! the title was misleading!! :p :)

  18. hunnie no one was saying you needed to shed pounds! Fabulous bootie. I dont think anyone was trying to sling the “weight wars” again, I’m really tired of that argument, seriously shannon posted, thats that… A year from now (probably more like a few months) when it gets lame again I’m sure people will start bitching but whatever. The view looks good now. Its still a private owned operation… I really dont think this would have gotten stirred so bad had there not been harsh slander and discriminations that were uncalled for. Had any other group been ostracized to that extent it wouldnt have been tolerated. It turned from “i’d like to see more average sized women” to “death to fatties, I hope theres a genocide and they all get in a fat sized oven”. Point being… meh thats a cute tooshie!

  19. Wilburt, I have not suspended YET! I have wanted to for over a year and have been researching for way longer than that. Sarah, who posted earlier is who is leading the suspension team idea here in Binghamton, I just told her I’d help in any way I could and that I was extremely interested because I’d feel much more comfortable with my personal piercer doing the piercings and everything. I’ve also talked to a few other people (a bunch today, thanks for the advertising Shannon haha) about the idea as well. with our without a hometown team I will suspend this summer. if you want then I’ll personally send you a picture of my back scars.

  20. when i get a digital camera and some spare time and beautiful weather (summertime, anyone? yay for being a student!), im going to start sending in pictures of my bodacious, modified bod. it will be so hot y’all ModBloggers won’t know what hit ya! I will be on ModBlog.. oh yes, i WILL be on ModBlog.*

    *ok so i might not be on ModBlog. but im going to try to tip the scales (quite literally) in the direction of we who do not have 6-packs, and do not have shame. anyone out there who already has the resources to do so should, and should quit their whining and do something about it!

  21. “It amazes me that mention of her weight has to even come into this discussion. This doesn’t come off as just a discussion of “wow, that’s a cute girlâ€?… instead, if comes off as “wow, that’s a cute girl and I like her curves DESPITE the fact that that she’s a fat chick, and we all know fat chicks can’t be hotâ€?.”

    Noone ever mentioned anything about her being fat…they were mentioning though that she has an amazingly gorgeous body though, just because people make comments about curves does’nt mean they are implying that she is fat

  22. 1) Emily, you are beautiful.

    2) I’ve never done any a suspension before, but I live in the Western New York area and would be interested in helping her out…

  23. I hope she gets her suspension team together! Sounds like a great idea, and I hope it attracts a tribe of followers too =)

  24. on the side where the modblog stamp is there was my shower door, so its just a square, that caught the flash and was all shiney. Shannon edited that out and added the extra bit of wall. so no, I do not have that cool of a shower. it’s actually tiny and annoying.

  25. yeah binghamton :D reprazent! i’m from endicott myself, but it’s still good to see our tiny corner of the world has something cool to offer

  26. z is for xylophone what stereotype am I exactly? just wondering.

    and yay for binghamton and its surrounding area! even though I hate it.

  27. Nice body, but about 20 million people have small back tattoos like that.

    Kind of lame for this blog, no?

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