"Starving Artist"

Tattooed on CreativeNonFiction by Jenn at Skin Prints in Eau Claire, WI… I appreciate the irony discovered when I pulled out the shadows of the photo!

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24 thoughts on “"Starving Artist"

  1. Hmm, ben and jerry’s, so not so starving there.

    And are those Wii remote straps under the pint I see?

    How does that fit?

  2. Shannon, sorry. ‘lack’ was not the correct word (its 1am in aussie town, gimmie a break). I meant to say note the alterations.

    @BellowTheSurface: My lovely girlfriend tends to have oddly timed cravings for choc chip cookie ice cream. She is known to mumble (in her sleep/just woken up) “cold cookie!” indicating that she wants some straight from the freezer.

    Gotta luv em (women and ice cream a like). Fuck, I want some now (ice cream that is).

  3. You know, the x-height of the font is totally inconsistent (look at the “r” in “starving” and compare the one in “artist,” for example), and the letter spacing is wibbly, so being as anal-retentive as I am about typography, I totally shouldn’t like this one… but I do. It’s just, for lack of a better word, cute!

  4. Have to say I really didn’t expect to be woken up with, “Hey, you’re on Modblog!” But it’s appreciated. The sad part being I didn’t even really like the ice cream. In any case, I shopped around the best tattoo shops in Eau Claire and Jenn had the best lettering in the past. The stencil was straight from my printer, so the spacing’s actually really consistent, but the left side is a bit taller. In any case, I’m happy with it, and happy to not be starving at the moment… Though it may be time for breakfast.

  5. #3, My monitor shows the Ben & Jerry’s and mysterious white strap things very clearly in the original photo.

  6. @OneEyeAskew, As I previously rectified in #6 – it was 1am, I meant to write ‘note the difference’. These things happen when you are noozie.

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  8. I really need a tattoo like this. I’m sure the 20 lbs I need to lose sort of invalidates the starving part but only because my parents take pity on me and feed me.

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