That’s a lot of anchors!

Fourteen fresh fourteen gauge surface anchors, placed by Nickk Leading at Perforations in Denver, CO. It will be interesting to see whether they are more viable than surface bars in the same configuration (well, except if it was surface bars you’d probably have to do sixteen beads).

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12 thoughts on “That’s a lot of anchors!

  1. That’s one way to practice a new art. :)

    Looks great, heres hoping they heal up nicely.

    One would think, due to less aggravation from movement, they would be long term more feasible than long surface bars – however surface bars will ‘hold’ in better.

    Be a great study if a lot of photos were taken during healing! Keep them pics coming.

  2. Yeah, it’s really an interesting debate…. anchors are better on movement, but like you said, surface bars are fundamentally more solid.

    THAT said, I was looking at surface bars being sold online, and I was blown away at how bad some of the designs were — bad enough that they might as well just be doing surface piercings with curved barbells.

  3. I work in a great studio in a town where everyone else is using industrial bars for surface piercings (no playing).

    I’m the only piercing (that I know) within about an hour drive that even knows how to use surface bars correctly.

    I see WAY too many bodgey ‘surface’ piercings come in, the best of which are actually with surface bars – however placed so shallow that the entire rise and some are showing on either side. Might as well be a straight bar.

  4. Looking forward to possible new generations of anchors, with different rises (not talking with healing bars) to make them more feasible as a ‘replacement’ for surface piercings. I don’t like ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

  5. Good luck with getting them to heal this time, I crossed my fingers and toes for you :)

  6. the lady had surface attempts prior to me working on her that is why there are so many scar and redness. i have now found a more effective way for placement. for all who wanted to know they are healing up nicely i will be posting in a few days

  7. Is it just me, or are those not lined up well?

    Regardless I would like to see how they heal, and I hope for her sake they do heal because removing them seems worse than surface bars.

  8. I removed a self-done microdermal at home yesterday; it was about 6 weeks old. Not too bad, just cut away the attached skin as it is exposed. It is a very small amount of skin.

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