Biopocket Eyeglasses Case

What, you have a better place to keep your glasses when you’re not wearing them? This is the same person I’ve featured before doing very intense subcutaneous play — it goes without saying that unless you’ve autoclaved them, putting your glasses under your skin is kind of risky (and even then it still is), but I’m thinking that because of how much he’s done this play he’s probably “exercised” his immune system to the point where he has Wolverine-like healing powers.

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  1. another great photo from this fella… way more intense play them i’m gonna be doing… much respect… keep up the intense body play bro-seph…

  2. The combinatioo of the slightly mundane [glasses case] and the utterly intense situation of having a wound you feel comfortable putting your glasses inside…. just gives this image a strange, strange vibe.

    Maybe it’s the lack of blood that seems to strange.

  3. Ummmm where is that on the body? Looks like it could be the hip but I’m not sure.

    Well, I guess if it’s his cup of tea… but I woudn’t be into this sort of hardcore….

  4. yes, looks like a hip, i’m pretty sure those are shaving pubes…
    As for me, not my cup of tea is not strong enough, in fact, i’m scared just thiking about such a big hole in my stomach…brrrrrr!

  5. This really squicks me out. It reminds me a LOT of the hole I had in my stomach after one of my gall bladder removal op scars got infected and burst open (it then proceeded to spew green pus with black ‘bits’ everywhere)

    Slightly traumatised by this photo just for that reason heh.

  6. When i saw the crazy original pics of this guy, it really didn’t bother me at all. There’s something about this image, though, that just creeps me out. I mean.. glasses!

  7. What the hell, I actually felt queasy when I saw this. I bet it feels so horrid when the glasses slip under the skin.
    Oh well each to their own *shudders*.

  8. I’m surprised this one hasn’t been farked yet. Personally I think it’d be great if you could get a pouch like that to heal. Think about the gains, never have to worry about leaving your wallet in the wrong pair of pants.

  9. I’m definately with 11. It’d be great if that could be a more permanent thing. Though you’d probably have to watch it for a while. And lord knows what’d happen if you lost the soap in the shower.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks this is taking it a bit too far? This could easily attract massive infection. The risks of something like this are just too big. This one feels like its crossed the magical line to compulsive self-harm

  11. That is very intense, far exceeding the boundaries of “normal” play. More power to them, but definitely not something that I could do.

  12. I personally don’t think it is. If he’s gone this far, then he knows how his body works and what he needs to do about it. Even if it were to get infected, the body is (generally) resilliant enough that he could get it under control. Maybe I’m wrong, where’s ModDoctor been?

  13. Question about this sort of thing…if doctors can create a ‘vagina’ for a transgendered male->female, I assume it’s not a open wound that is liable to be infected. Am I wrong on this? If that is so, then could they not create artificial pockets that are fairly safe elsewhere on the body?

    Note, I’m not talking about people creating 5 artificial vaginas, or anything like that. Unless they really want to.

  14. The “vaginas” are often made by inverting the penis (to put it most basically), so it’s all outside skin in there, on the inside. Then it gets stretched with stents.

    That said, there are people who need to have extensive reconstruction surgery in stages, who insert balloons under their skin with pumps. They pump up the balloons and the skin grows over it, until finally they have enough extra skin, and then it’s harvested (some conjoined twin separations do this too).


    Maybe you could grow some extra skin first, on a balloon, harvest that, then use it to “line” a hole you made, elsewhere. It shouldn’t stick to itself, as it’d be the outside surface skin that is lining the pocket.

    Not that I can imagine any sort of DIY, but…

  15. My boyfriend had an appendectomy and was left with a scar that is really indented. I call it his second belly button. This reminds me of it in an extreme way.

  16. To me, it looks like it’s on his back? I don’t know, I really would like to know what part of his body this is. Either way, I’m shocked.

  17. well, from the picture, it seems as though he has done this before, and it healed quite well. Maybe this was a continuation of something else? I’d be a bit squeamish about doing this myself, but to each their own.

  18. O.K.

    So to let you all know….and I may be wrong….but I think

    he has a colostomy or an ileostomy if any of you know

    what that is. It’s not hard core. I had one, because of a

    medical condition, but I had it reversed. I used to put my

    bag of weed in my colostomy bag, when I was driving in

    case a cop pulled me over and wanted to search me. Ha,

    ha, they would never check there!

  19. #28 that was not old . he does this kinda stuff all the time. if you see a pic of him you will see the scars all over from old stuff.

    i think we are all guilty of doing stuff that was not exactlly safe but ptrobably not this far. i am really surprised this guy does not get serious infectiions from stuff he does. i dont think i have ever seen gloves on or any kind of cleaning. does he even use sterile equiptment or does he just get bored and start doin this. i wonder if there is ever any plannin or thought put into it before he does it. i really want to sit down with him and see why he does it and what he gets out of it.

  20. Not a prude of any sorts, or one to judge etc, etc. But this is very intense and goes beyond body modification into what seems to be overtly self destructive. So much so that it moves beyond premeditated, conscious behavior into a sort of, well, mental disorder. A condition. I dunno, wish I had more context. There’s something very disturbing about this “modification.”

    One could argue, however, that it holds some artistic value.

  21. It looks like a mouth! ;D
    At first I thought this was one of those holes people get when they get lung cancer.

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