13 thoughts on “Microdermals and Staples

  1. Wow. Looks cool… not something I would do myself, but cool all the same.

    On another note, looks like there has been some work done before that has left scaring between the eyes. Wonder if it was rejection or just the work being taken out…..

  2. Those are old bridge piercings, which I assume were done using straight or slightly curved bars… She has a relatively flat bridge so they would have been quite tricky I think.

  3. now I wonder Shannon: did you fix the image or it is that she have a wonderfully smooth forhead?

  4. Thanks for the answer Shannon 🙂
    I’m thinking surface bars would have been a better ‘fit’ there if her bridge on the flat side.

    But it could have been worse…
    I had a ‘friend’ that pireced her own bridge and put a navel ring in it….. I disown her.

  5. Oh wow.. I can’t wait to see how that looks when it’s healed. Please keep us updated Shannon?

  6. Kind of glad that Shannon explained that she has kind of a flat bridge. I was kind of thinking she didn’t have a nose for a bit. I like the staples for eyebrows, though they don’t exactly seem even.

  7. Everything actually looks really cool. Assuming uneventful healing, I think this will look just fantastic.

  8. Those staples are a year old in that picture. I’m actually surprised they lasted that long. I explained that they would probably reject but instead they just kind of tightened up and migrated slightly. I’m going to try to bend her ones with a snugger fit. Rumiko is great, she wants me to turn her into a robot I think.

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