Cat Collaboration Cutting

Rumiko had the brilliant scarification duo of Ryan Ouellette and Wayde Dunn do this collaboration skin removal in the shape of a cat during their receit soirée to Japan. The inset photo is fake by the way — I was wondering roughly what the piece would look like in five to ten years and the scar is lighter than the skin rather than brighter. The scar in the big photo (real) is sixteen days old.

11 thoughts on “Cat Collaboration Cutting

  1. im allergic to cats, but still i love this piece! its excellent to see that some of the worlds finest scarification artists can combine talents and produce these amazing works of art. keep it up guys! beautiful work!

  2. This is really nice. I think I’d like to see it with some tattooing added to add highlights or something. I guess I just love the look of combined scarification and tattooing.

  3. One thing that always makes me laugh is that a lot of people choose scarification, which is seen as quite extreme and bloody, to draw cute things over their skin ^^
    I really like this piece by the way, it looks great.

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