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  1. that’s fucking extreme. The skin removals fit in perfectly with his other piercings…otherwise that part of his face would be too ‘bare.’ Also, is that more cutting work down the side of his chin?

  2. I love the way he looks.
    I mean, these are a lot of piercing and implants (and the scarification is quite intese) but they all make sense together, it looks just “fine”.

  3. Yeah, I’m not a fan either. It may all be well done, but it’s so cluttered as to be distracting. It doesn’t enhance his face at all – it just takes it over.

  4. I disagree with #6 and #7, actually. I’m more drawn to look at his eyes and overall face rather than the individual piercings. They accentuate, not detract. Also, I love his nostril piercings.

  5. i think the skin removals look great, but i’ve seen like face-on pics of this guy. i think so many piercings in like one area, for ex. the mouth area, detract from the beauty of piercings.

    buuuuut to each his own 🙂

  6. yeah, like i just said in a comment about the rhino piercing, as long as you like your mods, my opinion shouldn’t matter. i should be able to voice it as long as i’m not being mean about it, which i hope i was not, because i have nothing against this guy – i don’t even know him. as long as he smiles when he looks in the mirror, great.

  7. Wait, is this the guy that had the big star in the center of his forehead, and he’s removed it now, or was that two different guys?

  8. I am just waiting to see what else he will do. He’s got a great thing going. There are many people who have too many piercings in their faces, but Patrick never seems to have enough.

  9. i like the esthetic… yet if that were me (i’m clumsy as all hell) i would be affraid to wake up all sore… the trans-dermals on his forehead look a bit angry…

  10. This made me think “What’s the square root of ‘HOLY CRAP DUDE THERE’S A SHITLOAD OF METAL IN YOUR FACE’?”

    (Yes, math nerds, I know that’s not quite a square root symbol, but it’s close and that’s where my brain went on its own. You can’t control these things.)

  11. is it just me or is his bridge piercing on a bit of a angle
    ive noticed this in almost every picture ive seen of him
    its the first thing i notice in every picture

  12. I quite like that all of his jewelry is really plain and all metal. Some folks, alas, have little sense of coordination. To my (jaded) eyes, it honestly looks quite sleek, not cluttered at all.

  13. Isn’t this really debilitating?

    Surely, this many piercings must interfere with his expressions, or everyday life.

    Just imagine if this guy played any sports, had to wipe his sweaty brow, used a towel to scrub his skin, or — worst of all — got punched in the face.

    Congratulations, sir. You attract more attention to yourself than if you blared a foghorn at the mall and yelled “everyone pay attention to me right now!”

  14. I think that Patrick is so amazing.
    I love all of his pericings.
    The scars are just going to add to him and make him look even better.
    I cannot wait to see pictures of them healed.
    I really want to see waht he’s going to do next.
    He is truely a very beautiful person.

  15. wow hes coming along nicely i remember seeing him a few years ago in some of bme galleries but now hes amazing

  16. Blasphomy- yep! You’re right. Every picture I see of him, the first thing I notice is his (very) crooked bridge piercing. A full-on picture makes me cringe. I’m a bit anal-retentive, though, so… eh.

    But uhm, yeah. I’d take it out and get it repierced more straight if I were him, since he’s obviously not one to shy away from getting things done.

  17. #2- I think that the scars on his chin are from some rejected piercings, it looks like that to me at least.

    #21- Not everyone plays sports, not everyone is a spaz, and not everything is about getting attention. Did you ever think that not everybody wants to be the same as everybody else. If this makes him happy then it doesn’t matter if it gets him attention because it makes him well… happy.

    #25- NO. If you think this is weird then what are you doing here.

    And yeah the Earl(bridge) looks crooked, but it looks almost intentional because of how off it is. Overall I think his look is awesome. The skin removals really add to this and as previously mentioned adds flavor to an otherwise plain area.

  18. I think this has to be amoung the most facial piercings I have ever seen together.

    It all adds to itself. Then the scars are also pretty cool too, because it makes sense.

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