Webbed Toe Cutting

The story behind this play is actually quite fascinating — the person in the picture was born with webbed toes on their right foot. As a teenager they wanted to normalize this, so using a razor blade they started cutting the web slowly with a razor blade, using pressure to notch in the web. Bleeding was relative minor. In any case, they discovered that they enjoyed this activity and found it exciting, and started doing it recreationally as well with other, unwebbed, toes, and are considering an amputation.

Anyway, I always find it very interesting to find out what the catalyst is that causes people to stumble upon, and then discover that they enjoy, heavy play and modification.

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26 thoughts on “Webbed Toe Cutting

  1. Ow ow ow :-o! I’m usually fine with everything on mod blog but for some reason this picture really freaks me out…

  2. I was actually thinking about something like that a few nights ago, one of my close friends has webbed toes on her left foot and hates it.
    But owww. The nail-through-a-toe a few days ago fraked me out alot, only a bit more then this.
    Anything to do with feet always makes me cringe a bit.

  3. what got me started was when i was four i got to spinal taps and just layed there and didn’t move, and didnt’ make a sound, i just layed there and took it. the doctors were almost in shock and told my mom that i was the best patient they ever had. after that, everytime i just went for even a simple check up i would always ask the doctor if i got to give blood that day. anytime he said ‘no’ i would just frown and be upset about that. now i am a complete blood fetishist.

  4. This reminds me of an interesting idea I had a while back… I would be interesting to cut back the webbing between my fingers (‘d probably need to get them sutured too, to keep it permanent, and make sure that I wasn’t hitting any tendons or major blood vessels), so I could make my fingers look longer. Seriously, it seems like you could cut back a good 3/4″… I don’ t think that it would affect any functionality, and it would look neat.

  5. This strikes me as very dangerous, and not at all esthetically pleasing.

    So you have long toes? So what?

  6. Gnah! My toes are curling in self-defense! Now I know what guys feel like when they say their nuts are hiding.

  7. …I’m sorry but I deffinetly have a total thing against feet..no matter what..I think they’re gross..&…all this foot play is perpetuating that, shannon!

  8. Haha, just the other day I got a paper cut in the web between my index and middle finger. Oh, my was that ever painful and annoying.

    I’m with those who can’t stand feet. I just think they’re very ugly, and way too sensitive for something you’re bound to destroy somehow by being up and on them most of your waking hours. This post was pretty gruesome for me.

  9. Only things involving feet on ModBlog bother me! I’m never phased by anything I see on here, but if it’s on a foot it makes me want to go into the fetal position and die.

  10. Owwwchhh. Looks good but I cant imagine how much that would hurt!

    I removed a fingernail once, deliberately. I really enjoyed it, despite remembering the pain shooting all the way up my arm

  11. i love having webbed toes and would never cut them!!!! i dont think thats it a big deal that i cant wear toesocks or toerings. that pic is just nasty!!!

  12. i have only my 2nd and 3rd toes webbed on each foot and it looks nothing like that. they are just fused together about 3/4 of the way up and you can’t pull them apart like that. anyways because my toes and like many others like myself are joined so closely, i was able to cut my mine after numbing them with ice which constricted blood flow totally for like 6 minutes and was totally painless. unlike an amputation with exposed bone and major vessels the soft tissue that joins the toes isn’t like that allowing you to cut straight down the middle quite easily and heals quite easy as well as long as you keep them separated and clean. for myself it was a bodybod even though they look normal now. i hated it and yes, it is addicting once you cut at first because you wasnt to see how far you can go without them being in much risk of infection and joining back together. the first time i just cut 1/4 inch and kept them separated and it healed fine so i eventually just went for it. my twin sister had the surgery done using grafts and she has no feeling between because the plastic surgeon severed a nerve. plus i have zero scarring and she has faint but noticeable scars from the grafting and stitches. i prefer my way if you’ve got the stomach. painless and awesome once u finally get normal freakin toes! luv it! i’ll have to post some pics. [email protected] if u curious

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