“Rhino Piercings”

On the left is a rhino (vertical nose piercing) done by Daryl Nicholson at New Tribe in Toronto using a 14ga 7/16″ barbell (the 16ga high nostrils and the 14ga medusa are also his work). On the right is Netira’s DIY vertical nose piercing (she works at Iron Cross Tattoos in San Antonio, Texas).

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40 thoughts on ““Rhino Piercings”

  1. I really find these piercings a bit.. er ugly to be honest. Nothing about them appeals to me in any way, they come under the tag ‘western piercings that seem to be done simply because they can’.

  2. i have to agree with comment 2. i think it looks weird and out of place. the boy’s looks better than the girl’s, but they are both very odd.

  3. I don’t really like this piercing too. I can’t really explain why, for me it just looks “wrong”.
    But anyway if people are happy with them that’s ok ^^

  4. well.. i’ll be the first to say I really like this piercing, and I actually have not even heard of it until today… so thanks Shannon :)

  5. like every piercing, this looks awesome on people who can pull it off. that being said, personally i don’t care what others think of me or my mods, so as long as these two feel the piercing compliments them, great. also if they read this, don’t worry about what others are saying! as long as you don’t sense malice in their comments, please don’t get upset!

  6. well i think they’re really cute :) i’d love to be able to get this done, but i know i just wouldn’t suit it lol.

  7. ouch, that hurt! how does it ever heal? nose piercing like that is a bit to close to the brain….infection gone awry, brain absess begins! ouch! i knew someone who got a brain absess from a tongue ring! anything near that region is a no go for me! ouch!

  8. “nose piercing like that is a bit to close to the brain….infection gone awry, brain absess begins! ouch! i knew someone who got a brain absess from a tongue ring!”

    *snorts of hysterical laughter*


    I was thinking, looking at those, that it must take a pretty unusually shaped nose to pull them off so the nose is wearing the piercing and not the other way around … they definitely fall in the “meh … why?” category for me.

  9. definately not my cup of tea… but if sticking a fork in yer eye, a cactus up yer bum or a piercing on the tip of yer nose makes you happy, then by all means… whatever makes you happy and doesn’t harm others is all in good fun… right?

  10. Piercings are getting to be so mainstream its nice to see something that I don’t see everytime I walk past hot topic. On a side note I can’t imagine having one of those. I would always think I had something on the end of my nose and try to brush it off. Therefore I commend them both for originality and being able to keep it.

  11. I think those are great. I love seeing new and unique peircings, even if some people think “they come under the tag ‘western piercings that seem to be done simply because they can’”. Don’t be such piercing snobs. ;)

  12. in the vein of #19 i have to say it reminds me of the lawsuit in the steve martin movie ‘the jerk’ :-)

    that being said i dig seeing new stuff, so even if it’s not my thing, i’m glad it’s someones

  13. i personally think the piercing looks a bit odd and out of place…but to each their own.

  14. I actually love that piercing. I think it’s adorable…the only problem I have with it is how the barbell looks a teensy bit oversized on the girl on the right. Straight on it’s gorgeous but I tend to be crazy OCD like that.

  15. I’m interested about how well this heals, and if it lasts very long.
    I, personally, don’t find it very attractive, but I agree with everyone else on the ‘to each their own’ comments.

  16. Oh thats gorgeous!
    I really, really love that.. looks kinda strange straight on, but that might be cos the balls are kinda big or the top ball looks slightly too high up.. but the second one! *drools*

    I’ve always fancied having a piercing like but just with the second ball showing.. hmmmm…

  17. Its not bad at all.
    I like it but its def not for everyone.
    pretty unique.
    I wanna make up something awesome.

  18. if they like it then fine but i don’t think i would go there. i agree with number 2 to be honest. but whatever floats your boat…

  19. I just dont like it. Seems like they are trying too hard to be different and get attention and it looks goofy but what ever makes you happy.

  20. …….. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. This is like the fanny pack of the piercing world: sure, it serves a purpose, but man it’s tacky as hell. Whatever.

  21. hey that’s my sister netira…….rock on chick…….to the person who wrote comment #2 ………. FUCK YOU! .. when you can grow some balls and actually attempt to do something like that …… then you hve earned to right to talk shit……..but until then ……. you shouldn’t talk shit!

  22. By the way I think that the fanny pack of the piercing world would probably have to be like a tongue or navel…..seeing as more people actually own fanny packs than have this piercing…..Hey its not for everyone but being the piercer that I am I do get tired of seeing the same old normal shit………..everyone has their opinion but personally I care for no ones but my own, I love it and thats all that matters
    As far as the barbell being a little long, it has to be to allow room to heal properly….

  23. they look the way they make them want to look not for me but right on the only problem i have is migration and the fact that it would be a very hard piercing to get straight but right on it you like it rock it kenbob HRRR

  24. I have this piercing, and it is by far my favourite. I wanted it done for ages and finally had the courage to get it done. People saying it’s ‘ugly’ that’s your own opinion, one that should be kept to yourselfs. I love it!

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