19 thoughts on “Wax Suspension

  1. i’d buy one of those, think they should make lots of them. speaking of which, any more info on the modblog scrapbook yet shannon?

  2. Wow!
    Shannon, maybe you got some kind of connections that can help this artist make more of them and sell ‘em on the BMEshop?
    I would LOVE to hang ‘em in my room, and I don’t even like suspentions that much!
    they’re just beautiful!
    Compliments and appretiation, from one artist to another (=

  3. I had to read that a few times before I noticed that bronze was missing its N.

    BEAUTIFUL work!
    and I concur on the aforementioned motion, we need to mass produce and sell in BMEShop!
    I’d buy one for each corner of me room!

  4. You coud string 6 in a row on a metal frame and make one of those action/reaction toys. Pull back two, let ‘em go and the two on the opposite end pop up.

  5. first thought that this is a tatto of lucky rich diamond (can’t remember the name exactly…) suspending 😉

  6. You said wax and then bronze.. usually that means that they are rather big, like clsoer to life-sized… so, just HOW big is it? Its hard to tell the scale with just that picture!

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