Air Quotes Tattoo


On iam:SlowPoke, done by Will Bodnar at Laughing Buddha in Seattle, Washington. I was starting to get tired of gag finger tattoos, but this is pretty funny and original.

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77 thoughts on “Air Quotes Tattoo

  1. I was going to get this (no lie).

    Shame the ones on his right hand (left in the picture) are upside down.


    Cool though.

  2. That’s pretty funny. I hope he cherish’s it’s uniqueness while it lasts. i give it a month before an army of followers copycat him just like all the mustache’s and tear’s out there.

  3. I like them, but it really annoys me that the second set are upside down. it should look like 66 and 99… Oh well, still pretty nice.

  4. “good idea”

    it makes you look “intelligent”

    people will now take you “seriously”

  5. Oh God, most brilliant gag tat ever. I wish I could reconcile it with myself to just rip it off.

  6. Hee hee, this made me giggle. Say goodbye to finger moustaches, finger air quotes are the next big thing!

  7. I literally as Oh my god out loud when I saw this. Those are incredibly rad. I want them. Not to mention he looks so cute and happy.

  8. I’d also like to point out, shouldn’t the ones on the left (his right hand) be the other way around…like, aren’t they upside down?

  9. *resists the urge for an outburst towards pedantic posters*

    This is a great idea, he’s super happy, and 90% of the population would have no clue (nor give a shyte) that on of them may be upside down!


  10. i do finger air quotes all the time & people make fun of me. next time they do, i’m giving them the link to this picture.

  11. haha thats awsome! much more original than finger moustaches (sp?) of which there seems to be alot these days. not that theres anything wrong with them, this just made me laugh more :)

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