Plans of attack

Slut Posse vs. Lunchbox Posse

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28 thoughts on “Plans of attack

  1. Im not sure i get how those “grillz” things work.. is it like a retainer that you just pop on over your teeth.. how do they stay on? Or do you need a dentist to glue them on like veneers or something? That’s such an extreme.. must be hard to keep food out of those!

  2. i like how the ghettoness has spread to … white people. lol
    oh dear.

    and those are fake grillz. you just pop them over & take ‘em off. for the real ones, you get them permanently put on your teeth by a dentist. which is usually why your teeth end up rotting :)

  3. lunchbox > slut.

    girls need to stop getting stupid inner lip tattoos that make them look more like whores. it’s not cool.

  4. my lip tattoo is awesome. don’t hate. its the internet. you dont know me or anything about me just because i have a bad word tattooed on the inside of my lip. get over it girl! grow up and keep it positive.

  5. Not a particular fan of the grills, but each to their own. Everyone has their own differences and likes. They look good on her, but then again, very few people actually look good with grills.

  6. They look like big, intrusive braces. Each to their own, like, but I can’t imagine anyone looking good in those.

  7. Well… if you aren’t actually IN the Lunchbox Posse, it’s kind of a ridiculous thing to understand.
    I actually got it done with my best friend KSBCRUCIAL, the cofounder of the Lunchbox Posse.
    As for the grill, I don’t see how it’s a big deal. It’s a joke. Don’t worry about it.
    AND butterface, I think YOURS looks lovely.

  8. kind of random, but the “slut” girl (that sounds mean, but i dont intend it to be) has really nice teeth

  9. Wow, I confess I’m a little shocked how few people seem to be aware of blinged-out teeth, even Jeremy Clarkson’s randomly stumbled across grills nowadays ;) I quite like some… as with anything with many styles, some rule, some suck. Quite like these.

    That said, IAM:Coldcell’s full-on platinum & white gold tooth replacements take the win for me by miles… ;)

    (I like the slut tattoo, but I’m a reeeeally bad moral barometer, so that might not be the compliment it was intended to be)

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