38 thoughts on “Play pierced heart scarification

  1. Wow. That’s an insane amount of needles in a small area. She’s got some kind of pain tollerance. Looks really pretty, too.

  2. i think i just fell in love. thats a great picture, great scare, and fun play piercings. mmhmm. a pretty girl as well.

  3. that is really prettyfull. one of my favourite things from the blog of mod ever. i want one.

  4. That is really an excellent photograph. It would be pretty sweet if she could just walk around with the scar pierced all the time. It looks pretty awesome.

  5. love to kt at #15. its so emo it hurts. all we need in that photo now is a fixed gear and some more black.

  6. Nah, I don’t do tattoos, I actually liked yours. Just thought maybe you didn’t have to talk bad about everybodies play piercings here. Not everybody can be Max Brand…

  7. actually….everybody can……cause I’m nothin special…..and it’s easy…..

    i just wanna see stuff done really well……cause our shit might be hangin in a museum some day……

  8. Well, when you criticized my work I didn’t mind at all because you gave me technical criticism. But on the last three or four you kind of just said it sucked. Most of the people on the last couple of posts have had a positive look on their faces or their comments in the forum were positive ones. If they like the work, it’s perfect. Art is subjective man!

  9. where are you from…..you seem cool….I look at all of these pictures two different ways. I look at the work, and I look at it as a photograph regardless of the content. I love this photograph, I just think that if the piercings had something special going on, it would have an extra special wow affect. I could go on about what could be a little different, but I don’t wanna be that constructive…..cause I’m lazy…..

    see ya…..Max

  10. The scar looks a bit messy to me but it could just look that way because of the needles…I dont know. Looks painful though.

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