38 thoughts on “Ron’s Polaroids

  1. Tatts are a time capsul. This one captures a technology that is already obsolete and will be even more an historical statement in the future…

  2. Personlly I think it’d look better with a splash of suttle color, but it’s great with or without.

  3. haha im gonna get slammed for this but this has sparked such an idea for a tattoo i now am gonna add to my “i want” collection

  4. Wow. Very nice. I agree with trevor, it could be really nice with some subtle colour…like, in the eye or something.

  5. That is so much awesome. And I love the black only. I think it wouldn’t look half as great in colour.

  6. Oh also: What do you think, if someone got a very similar tattoo, basically just putting something else in the polaroids, would that still be copycatting? Or would you lynch the person in question?

  7. to 24 – i personally would lynch them, because the concept and the visual is still the same (and is not your original idea), but i may be biased because i’ve had my tattoos copied before. people are free to do what they want, and this is a VERY beautiful tattoo – at least you wouldn’t be aping some piece of crap tribal or whatever.

  8. I’ve seen a couple similar-concept tattoos before, so the idea isn’t unique. But I’d be very careful choosing a design strictly on the fact that you saw it on someone else.

    I’d imagine in another 5 years or so, that will require explaining to a lot of teenagers and such, who will never have seen a polaroid.

  9. re: comment #4…polaroids are not an obsolete technology… cool tat, very creative

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