Josh Prentice

Josh Prentice

“I began by getting pierced in a shop in Alabama and becoming friends with the people working there. I worked as receptionist for a short stint before being offered a piercing apprenticeship. I have been enthusiastic about the art of piercing ever since. During my apprenticeship I learned the fundamentals, like disease prevention and basic technique, but was left to learn a lot on my own. By networking with my peers in the profession I have become a pretty well rounded piercer. I’m now a proud member of the APP, and look forward to keeping with standards and promoting health and safety to the piercing industry as long as I’m involved, and will always advocate for the industry that has allowed me to make a profession out of something that I truly love.”
      - Josh Prentice, 1980-2007

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97 thoughts on “Josh Prentice

  1. I’m lost for words, I met Josh at the 2005 APP Conference in Vegas and was inspired not only by his passion and vast knowledge for such a young piercer but for his lust for life and commitment to the APP, most nights I would see him still partying well past midnight and then up again early each morning to help organize classes. I was really hoping to catch up again at this years APP.

    Josh- You will be missed mate.

  2. i still cant believe it. you were an amazing person, am i glad i had the opportunity to know you. rest well.

  3. I never met Josh and really only knew him from his words in the Professionals forum on IAM, but I always looked forward to meeting him someday. What a loss, what a waste. Rest in peace, Josh, and my deepest condolences to his friends and loved ones.

  4. Sometimes you meet people that you never forget. Josh, I’ll miss seeing your comments, and hearing your advice. There should be more Josh Prentices. You will be greatly missed not only in the piercing industy, but as a friend to all of us. xoxoxox

  5. Josh was a wonderful soul…full of passion and energy…burning so bright.

    I will miss you something fierce, Josh.

  6. Unfortunately there arent many people I have gotten to know or meet. This will sadly be one of those I will never get to. R.I.P.

  7. you had a thirst for knowledge and by far one of the best personalities in the industry .

    You will be missed by so many

    Much love and godspeed

  8. It may sound lame to some people, but I wish I had gotten a chance to know you and those to did were very lucky indeed. I know you will be missed. Rest in peace, kiddo.

  9. Josh – you were a great friend, and a brilliant piercer. I miss you more than words can say. I’m broken. A little piece of us all died today with you. You will be remembered often, and fondly.

  10. hey shannon how many people can you remember losing from, iam? especially by suicide? the earliest i can remember was mike-something, i think with some numbers in his name? you should make an iam graveyard where we can visit lost members because they are really accumulating :(

    too sad.

  11. RIP josh. you gave me my suspension and i’ll always be greatful l to you for that. you were a great guy and good buddy. i’ll miss you, sucka.

    brought a tear to my eye to click here then see josh’s face.

  12. Josh- you always had insight and were by far one of the nicest people on iam. I was looking forward to getting to know you better. rip

  13. i only met Josh briefly at APP 2005 where he looked after us being from out of the country it was invaluable to have him to help..Josh stayed in touch over the last couple of years and will be sorely missed a great young guy with incredible insight and passion for his profession.

  14. you never even make it to columbus man!!! for real!!!! we were suppost to party!!! wow!!!! WTF!!?!?!?!?!? we poured two High Lifes out for you tonight!!!gawd this sucks

  15. RIP. It’s sad to see anybody leave, especially someone so young and even more so someone so talented from our industry.

    Sad times.

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  17. this makes you wonder how many people go missing, unattended, when nobody knows, when there’s a lack of communication… it makes you god damn thankful for things like IAM. word spreads so fast…

    i did not know him, no, but still cried, because it’s a tremendous loss. heart goes out to all of his friends/family/those that constitute both. rest in peace.

  18. This is so insanely sad…
    My respects to friends and family.

    Too young, too soon, too fucking sad that this had to happen.

    Rest in peace mate.

  19. Josh was an amazing friend to everyone. He was smart, talented and down to earth. He will never know how much I cared about him. I will miss you Josh!

  20. I didn’t know him, but I wish his family and friends all the help and support they need. It’s so hard to wake up and find somone is no longer a part of your life…I’m sure he will remain in this community through his work and memories.

  21. Bastian- Doubtful, as that incident occured last Wednesday morning, I believe.

    I only met Josh once, about a month ago, but he patched up my unhappy piercings with a smile. What a loss.

  22. my phone really isnt gonna ring and come up josh my pri anymore….. i will miss you so much… your cute lil jerk messages like “yo word on the street is you got one of those vagina things” fucker, i love you

  23. I’d meet Josh in the past as well and its really hard to fathom the fact that someone you know to be so vivacious could be lost! I think every one here will indeed miss Josh.

  24. I already left one comment earlier. I knew Josh very well, but you know it is amazing to see all the great things posted about him. Every person has pretty much said the same words about Josh. It really proves what kind of person he was. RIP Josh! Love you!

  25. I responded to an email from Josh about 30 seconds before clicking into modblog earlier today to discover this. I’m crushed, my insides hurt. I’ll miss my lovely.

  26. I first met Josh online about 10 years ago. He was always a very enthusiastic kid and try though I did to dissuade him, he decided to persue a career in the piercing industry. I remember when things came full circle- a few years later someone told me that they had been pierced by “this amazing kid named Josh Prentice”. I got back in touch with Josh and we’ve talked on and off since then. We were finally going to meet in person at this years SW event. Sadly, that won’t be possible now. My heart goes out to his sister Mel and their family- Josh touched a lot of lives and I hope he’s remembered as more than just a piercer, but also as a man trying to better his life and the lives of others.

  27. wow!…’re on top of this stuff!…..This was so recent!…..I don’t think Josh and I really liked each other, but he was certainly a nice guy. Also being a piercer in Atlanta, it sucks to see a fellow pro go out like that…..RIP

  28. Someone ealier asked about a forum to remember IAM members who’ve died. I don’t think anyone’s posted it yet (and if they have here it is again): BME Remembers

  29. even though I didn’t know him, my heart goes out to his family and friends. It’s always horrible when Earth loses another angel. May his memory live on in his friends, and those who he loved and those who loved him in turn.

  30. Rest in peace, good sir. I like to think that as long as people remember you, you live on. Clearly Josh was loved by many, and lives on in the hearts and minds of those people.

  31. I only knew Josh through the telephone. He would order jewelry from us. The funny thing is, he always seemed to call just after I got off the phone with someone rude or demanding. I would always comment to my co-worker side kick how grateful I was for people like him. The fact that he worked at a shop called Virtue and Vice was no irony for his sweet, friendly voice. He was someone I looked forward to meeting at APP someday. I have lost many, so my heart goes out to those who were close. RIP.

  32. I’ll always remember him coming in my club with different mustaches drawn on the insides of his fingers. He used them as his “disguises”
    Such a miserable end to such a funny, quirky kid. Miss you man. (and no, you still can’t ride my bike)

  33. I hope you’ve found peace,Josh.
    Never knew you, but like many, I’m sure it would have been good to. It’s obvious you’ve touched ALOT of peoples’ hearts.

  34. I dont even know, or met or have spoken to the guy Jpsh..but have read this through iam:miss little cupcake…and millions of updates of iamers with their condelances. This has brought tears to my eyes over and over again. Like now.

    Another good man fell. Please be at peace at yourself and watch over those you love.

    Damn you guncrime.

  35. My heart goes out to all these people that were friends with this individual.

    “If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn. People die. But real love lives forever.”

  36. @#82: Well, that news report was/is the only source available. If you have some additional information, please share… Thanks!

  37. Everyday I wake up hoping this is just one big fucked up dream, and that I’ll wake up and you’ll still be around Josh. Being the all around awesome guy that you are, as well as a very good piercer.

    I was hoping to actually have our conversations done in person this year at APP, but now we won’t get a chance to.

    I curse this world once again for taking such a good person away from us.

  38. Josh, you were one of the sweetest and nicest people in our industry. Conference will never be the same without you.

  39. Josh…it’s extremely hard to accept your gone…

    I’ll always have my memories… :-(

  40. You were one of the reasons I started doing suspension. You inspired me and I will never forget the many drunken 4am phone calls to come over and watch movies. I will miss you and you will always be in my heart!

  41. I knew Josh Prentice quite well and he was a dear and close friend of mine. I trusted no other person to pierce and then gauge my nipples and Josh was the one who performed the mod. I only learned of Josh’s unfortunate and tragic passing this evening and my heart aches with every thought of him: every fight, every laugh, every entheogenic experience, every moment. You don’t really know how much you love someone until they are gone.

    Josh was more than a pretty face, a nice physique, and a quick wit. Josh was a person capable of infinite love and prone to genuine emotional displays, both positive and negative. He was a true example of what it means to live in the eternal now.

    I love you, Josh. You were my friend, my brother, and my partner in many shared adventures through inner space. My heart aches and my mind can find no rest. My 10gauge hoops and my memories are all I have left of you.

    I will never forget you. I will always love you. Peace, my brother, until we rest together in the long, dreamless sleep of the soul.

  42. you are my best friend…you saved my life….and you made me see what you sawe in me…you were the first) one to evr do that(fuck u for always made me smile…cry..and bleed…i hope i do you proud with this tryin to do waht we wish we could….there isnt an hour i dont think of you..go ahead and call me a fag…ill just say only for you…whats stupid is that everytime i hear the word hommie i cry..fuck… i know your with me..i can still hear you laughin…i didnt lose you…you made me stronger…now i have to do both our parts..and i nevr knew how much you touched evryone…and what you carried on your shoulders…
    you owe me a shot..and a headcheck…
    and my finnal hooks…i fuckin love you cracker….

    and your wrong…we can only save ourselves….
    you saved me..i just nevr told you…

    loki shane defriece
    [email protected]

  43. I resend my comment, I got to know her and I was wrong, bad news, bad news, bad news. Anyone and everyone should stay away from her.

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