13 thoughts on “Skeleton Club

  1. oh my god thats amazing!
    i thought it was printed on a tshirt at first glance 🙂

  2. This tattoo has great line work and coloring. I love how the color gets more intense as it moves down from the skull and the spine, and the fact that it is so badass really catches my eye.

  3. this is the only shading for bones that i’ve really liked on a tattoo. that dude is extremely shockingly pale, which helps i’m sure.

  4. Help me with what is happening in this picture? What do the extra bones belong to? This artist can tattoo anything he wants onto me…. btw. Or my wife.

  5. Extra bones and other oddities in the design make me wonder if there wasn’t some cover-up work involved.

    Either way it’s an excellent piece of work.

  6. Jee is an amazing artist. If you go to his IAM page he has links to his website, you’ll be blown away! He travels quite a bit to Canada, France etc. so its very possibleto get work by him. Plus he is a very nice guy!!

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