30 thoughts on “Nice Double Daith Placement

  1. I’ve read back entries of the modblog about stealing tattoo ideas and I’m trying to distinquish between getting inspiration and ripping someone off. Of course, with a graphic there are plenty of modifications you can make to the design. Piercings, not so much. What is the ettiquette on copying piercings? I really like this.

  2. Curious – I think in general it’s just fine, and certainly I’ve posted lots of double daiths to BME in the past (but I thought this was a nice placement).

  3. I like the set, and how well it is placed inside her ear, but I am completely distracted by the mole on the side of her face. She should get that looked at.

  4. Haha, awesome piercing 😀

    And Dude, that is hardly even a mole at all lol.
    When they need to be looked at they look a LOT scarier than that haha.

  5. The daith is gorgeous but the cheesecutter wire in the lobe looks out of place next to it…

  6. I wanted double daiths so I could wear spirals, but there was barely room for singles in my stupid ears. I’m jealous.

  7. That looks really good, its amazine how they just sit inside her ear so nicely. Very well done.

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