Hey! When you’re done with today’s ModBlog entries (this is the last one for today), click here and check out my sister’s movie or I’ll set spike-dude loose on you! Clint, in the photo, is a custom leatherworker specializing in armour by the way if you’re wondering about all the gear. Sharp eyes will also notice his TeamBME tattoo.

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22 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. Clint — if you’re reading this feel free to post contact details for yourself if you’d like people to be able to reach you for work, etc.

  2. I heart spikes like those. All men should wear spiked leather gauntlets. Not even in a kinky way – just, all men should wear spiked leather gauntlets.

  3. Those are bracers. Gauntlets are armored gloves. And while I’m on the subject, the shin pieces are grieves. I’d love some contact info to buy.

  4. Whatever they’re called, I absolutely covet them.
    I need this guy’s contact info ASAP!

  5. I currently live in knoxville tn, and im looking to get a very detailed tatto of snowflakes using white ink down my arm. but this tatto rquires a very delicate touch, not unlike a photogragh tattoo, so is there anyone in nashville that does tattoos of that quality. any help would be great, and monet is not an issue at all.

    please leave any comment that would help- thanks

    neil- i constant modblog reader

    so far i have goten my mom and my therapest to read this page without freaking them out- Homework!

  6. I really wish people knew how to spell…and if you’re going to leave a comment about a post, I think it should probably make it about the post. :/

  7. wow!
    can you get through the airport with that? :)
    It’s great when you’re in a queue. Then people wouldn’t get so close to you.

  8. ok so I tried watching Sanctuary…however my computer blows and therefore I could not…I’m sure it did not blow and I wish her all the best of luck.

  9. Haha, I might be wrong about terminology, but at least I can spell it – “greaves” not “grieves” in this case :p

  10. Hey Shaaannon… I loved your little sis’s short. And you were right; it does make you a little emotional at the end. It had a great soundtrack to. Anyway, make sure you tell her in my exact words… haha, jk. By the way, hope she wins. I wish her luck.

  11. Ashleigh’s short is absolutely amazing, I wasn’t even sure what was going on for the first minute or so and I still felt emotional about it somehow… I don’t even understand how that could happen. The ending of it literally gave me shivers from when the child laughed and the narrator said “meeting someone who makes it seem all okay” until the very end.

    Absolutely stunning. I wish her the best of luck.

  12. Wha! This stuff is awesome, it’s so hard to find people that make decent quality pieces like this!

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