Speaking of Elves…

I’d say Rose_Quoll has one of the most intense ear pointings (is that even the right word? it’s quite radically restructured!) that I’ve seen done to date. These photos were taken nine days after Howie (lunacobra.net) did the procedure in Brisbane, Australia. Very nice!

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42 thoughts on “Speaking of Elves…

  1. they look really uneven and the one looks like it could have used some extra stitching or made the one tighter because it has come loose and opened right up.

  2. Valon, yeah, they’re uneven, but my ears were to begin with as well. I’m not worried about it as exact symmettry is boring. They were also still pretty damn swollen at that point.

    Overall, they’re very intense points and I love ‘em! They’re slowly loostening up. I can’t wait for the scars to fade a bit more and to see how they look in a few more months.

  3. That is VERY intense . . . I mean, it’s all well and good for her, but I’d be very, very worried about how this would affect her hearing. Your ear is designed to pick up sound and funnel it to your eardrum. I always worry about hearing alterations in terms of ear reshaping. Magnetic implants add a sense; what about losing a different sense this way?

    I’m just a worrywart.

  4. Wow. I love the fact it’s pointy at the top and voluptuous at the bottom. It’s hot.

  5. I worried about hearing also when I saw this image. Little changes can change your hearing a lot.

    I have 0ga. tunnels in my conchs and I can hear better now I think, (sounds from behind me are clearer), but that last stitch looks like it is almost covering some of her ear hole up.

  6. Surely you ear ‘hole’ is directly behind your tragus, which is quite clearly no where near the last stitch…I think they look hot!…

  7. Hmm, will the deep crevice created by folding over that much tissue not get a bit manky?

    Q-tips to the rescue??

  8. I love the look of pointed ears, but I’m with Melissa on this. I’m concerned for hearing loss.

    I guess being a music business major, my ears are VERY important to me :P

  9. RoseQuoll, you’ll have to let us know how this effects your hearing! I’m curious since these are pretty intense like the heading says ;)

    I personally like that they’re asymmetrical. I know both of my ears naturally differ, along with every other paired body part I have, so that makes it look more “natrual” (if that makes any sense).

    Good work! I’m excited to see how these heal up.

  10. Howie should do my ears then marry me.
    or let me his lil sidekick : )

    i personally love you ears but am worried about them healing correctly

  11. She’s not going to have hearing loss. Her eardrums and inner ear won’t be compromised at all.

    My biggest concern is how to clean up underneath that point? Ear surface skin is very much like facial skin in comparison to other areas of the body. It sloughs off a lot of skin and is oilier.
    As someone who cleans people’s ears out on a daily basis, I can tell you that even in the rook area the shit that gets collected after a couple weeks is astounding and disgusting. I can’t see there being an effective way of exfoliating out that dead skin and oil under the point…

  12. I don’t imagine she’ll have hearing loss, but maybe just lose some ability to locate sounds from odd directions? I’m not sure. I also wouldn’t be surprised if you brain can compensate well enough for ear deformations.
    I’m interested in looking into a different way of pointing ears though.

  13. I love pointed ears and I’m thinking of eventually getting them done myself, though I want to make sure I go to the right person. I’ll remember Howie.

  14. Dagon, I have terrible hearing to begin with but I’ve noticed no problems at all, actually. Maybe the first few days when there was swelling but not past that. I’ve never been able to correctly judge the direction of sound though so I couldn’t tell you if it affected that either.

    As for cleaning up inside, I can’t do much at the moment as they’re still healing, but once they’re completely healed the points will have spread out a little, plus I can either clean with flushes, or cotton buds.

    Either way they haven’t caused me one problem yet, and I don’t expect they will. ^_^

  15. I’d be interested to see how much funk builds up deep in the crevice of the point. I know if I don;pt clean the space between my rook and the base of my ear conch a great deal builds up.

    other than that it looks fantastic.

  16. very gorgeous!

    this is a modification that i’ve always had on my list.
    i already have pretty pointy natural points on my ears, so it’s not so pressing a desire, but i admit being very jealous of the extreme points.

    hope they heal well.

  17. i dont like em for the reason i dont like most of the executed ear-pointings- the dont look like elves ears, the simply look like folded in and sewn together- which is not very nice in my opinion. if one would be able to create pointy ears looking like this:
    (manipulated in photoshop)
    id have some myself…

  18. Moss molesters! Fern fondlers! Tree fuckers!

    ahem, pointy ears aren’t my scene (fucking elves…snooty fuckers) but I imagine it’s damn awesome if it is.

  19. LOL to #32. A life of geekdom has given me severe species prejudice against elves.
    But they look great, so I guess their looks are the thing to copy…
    (wait, someone just told me that elves don’t exist!)

  20. I like them! I wanted my ears pointed for a while now meself. I like the deeper folds better, thuogh I’m also curious about the cleaning factor.

    Plus I agree with #31, Alice in tat it’d rock more if they could be done like that :-P

  21. Hm, I actually like that idea wish_i_were.. I’d like to hear what someone with a bit more knowledge/experience in the area would have to say..

    Caroline, I was thinking the exact same thing, along with the common concern of how the heck to clean all the way up in there..

  22. Is it possible to repair the ear. Is it just stitched together or did they cut away some tissue first? Just like a tattoo – what if you get bored of it?

  23. I think these look great, coming from a fellow pointed ear person! :) They can never be too pointy!

    You can clean the top inside part with a cotton bud if you’re gentle btw.

    I would recommend Howie for ear pointing! Mine turned out amazing!

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