Guarani Facial Tattoos

I’ve posted about it before, so you know I’m a big fan of xGuizox‘s Guarani facial tattoos — here’s a photo of him, his nephew, and his brother-in-law at the beach.

These kids that are like, five, ten, fourteen years old, they stop me and ask “wow! are you an indian?” and I reply, “sure, just like you!” Most people here, especially in Rio, are a mix of Portuguese, Indian, and Black… and the Indian side I think is pretty cool.

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13 thoughts on “Guarani Facial Tattoos

  1. That’s such an adorable photo. And I think it’s amazing that he’s so proud of his heritage as to get it tattooed for all the world to see.

  2. I really love when a latin person is proud of his bloodline… A lot of people down here find it hard to accept they are mixed…

  3. I don’t usually like facial tattoos (guess they usually look like they are engulfing the face not accentuating them) but this one is fucking awesome. The overall look is really great and I’m glad to see that he is proud of his heritage and tattoos.

  4. well said TOB! i was gonna say pretty much the same thing, the facial tattoos really look like they should be a part of him. and yes, adorable photo! i want to be where they are right now!

  5. Pictures of modified folk interacting with kids always give me warm fuzzies. Maybe it’s the idea of subtly teaching diversity and celebration of differences to the wee ones.

    I can’t wait to be a modified mom.

  6. When I look at him, I see his facial tattoos in a “casual” sense — they don’t strike me as “modern” or “extreme.” They seem natural, and I love it.

  7. What he said makes me wonder about my ancestry and race – I mean, everyone’s mixed race, and we all ought to learn more about our heritage… it’d reduce a lot of conflict…
    That said, that kid is SWEET.

  8. I agree with #’s 6/7 (except the modified mum part of course, haha).
    It just seems so natural and nonchalant chillin there, it’s amazing.

  9. its so strange how without those tattoos i believe he would look less natural so to speak.

    They just look like they belong

  10. Very, very nice. I have to agree with the others here, personally a lot of facial tattoo come off as too aggressive to me, but this really just looks natual. I’m jealous.

  11. i’m digging the facial tattoo…wonder what it looks like in a head-on shot?

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