13 thoughts on “Nelson’s Superman Suspension ROP/NYC

  1. I need educating, how come there is never loads of blood on suspension shots, can they stem it in some way?

  2. @ÈMþRꧧ: Just you wait until the hooks come out again…
    Seriously, how much blood there is depends on a variety of factors. As long as the hooks are in and there is tension on them, there isn´t much blood with most people.
    Then, if you pierce the skin with “downsized” needles (meaning the needles are smaller than the hooks), bleeding is mimized.
    And then there´s people who just don´t bleed whereas others – like me – look like the’re being slaughtered…

  3. man I wanna suspend once in my life and I love the superman suspension. Suspending is definetly on my things to do before I die list.

  4. haha, shannon, that makes you sound so creepy!

    Another thing, how come the flesh doesn’t tear?

  5. That’s a gorgeous photo. I actually really like the view, but then again I’ve been obsessing over feet a little bit in my figure drawing class…. they’re so hard to draw.

  6. Mr No & Shannon, I was just curious thank you for satisfying my curiosity.
    Hugz X

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