Bowtie Tattoo

Rob Hudson from Heritage Tattoo Company in Stephens City, VA, writes, “This is Allen Danger Michael — he’s dressed for every occasion!” What’s next? Tattooed tuxedo shirts? Hahaha, I am so happy that people have a sense of humor about their lives. The world would suck if everyone was snobby about their tattoos.

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19 thoughts on “Bowtie Tattoo

  1. Oh man. I read that as “Bowie Tattoo” so I clicked the link excitedly thinking I was about to see a portrait of Mr David Bowie!

    This one is still very cute though! I love his goofy smile, he looks really pleased!

  2. oh my! i was just telling my friend last week i would love/die laughing to see a full tuxedo tattoo – t’would be amazing!

  3. wow. someone needs to work on their linework… or does the tattoo artist have a shaking disease? if so, i’m sorry! that sucks, but quit tattooing….

  4. I know the line work looks shaky, but is it not possible that it’s supposed to be like that? A bow tie isn’t all straight lines! I’d really have to see some more of his work before I’d write him off.

  5. I love the idea, it’s very silly which is a good thing. But I don’t think this is a very good quality tattoo.

  6. I suspect the border is supposed to not be perfectly straight lines, so I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that the linework is shaky. That said, I think a second session to beef up those outer lines would make the piece jump out really nicely.

  7. Speaking from experience.

    Since it came out of a shop I’m going to say it is a apprentice tattoo as opposed to a kitchen tattoo. It was probably free or cost very little.

    I am making this judgement based on the line quality, the mottled look the green field has and the fact that the green goes outside of the line in places.

    That being said, all tattooist start somewhere and people like Allen are appreciated because there is no way to learn other than tattooing on real skin. Willing souls can be hard to find at times because they do take a chance.

  8. wtf – I cannot stop laughing. Oh well he has a lovely sense of humour.

    I dont think he will ever get laid again tho, only joking :)

    Keep smiling its great to see.

  9. I think you can maintain a sense of humor and not get bad tattoos. The problem with “funny” tattoos is that you see the punchline every day. After a while, old jokes get tired.

    But if he’s happy with it, bless.

  10. HAHAHAH I LOVE that his middle name is “danger”.

    I don’t know if that was a gag or anything but… well he’s a walking pun if that’s the case! hehe that’s wicked!

  11. I have never wanted to punch someone on the internet so much until seeing this photo.

  12. I appreciate the criticism guys/girls, but that is the way my apprentice wanted it to look….I tried on 3 different occasions to see if he would let me doctor up his drawing….

  13. And that’s why it should be illegal to drink more than 9 Coors Lights before going to the tattoo shop.

  14. to all you nay sayers above me. go get a tattoo across your foreheads that says “dead inside” because you havnt lived untill youve spent some time with my brother A.Danger. and yes the tattoo was meant to look crappily drawn and haggerd. its a bowtie! i could see if it was a portrait or a real detailed piece but its not. and as for Mr. Rob Hudson, hes a great artist and a great guy. just some thought for people who judge before knowing the whole story.

  15. yo when you get that ghetto tat cuz i thought i was the only one in the world with it. cya buddy

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