“Knit ’till you die!!!”

Bonnie” (who pierces and tattoos at Body Art Tattoo in Plattsburgh, NY), who describes her life as “I read and knit. I am a nerd. This is me.” Doesn’t sound too bad! Anyway, she just had this great tattoo started by Ian “Jonzey” Jones at Ink Monkey in Venice, CA.

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44 thoughts on ““Knit ’till you die!!!”

  1. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Hobby/lifestyle inspired tattoos are really nice. It’s a really cute peice.

  2. That’s such a pretty design for a tattoo, and it’s really beautifully executed. And Bonnie is absolutely gorgeous too.

  3. Love it! And I look forward to seeing it with colour too. Beautiful girls with beautiful tattoos make my Monday shiny! 🙂

  4. that is one tattoo that no one will ask “will you still like it when youre 80?”

    but seriously – very awesome. i want to see it colored in!

  5. That is awesome 🙂 Please update us here when she gets it colored in!
    She is gorgeous, though. I really love the hair! My two favorite colors [=

  6. omg! I LOVE that! That is going to be gorgeous when it’s done! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

    I knit, I love to knit, in fact I’m getting a knitting tattoo myself at the end of the month. I just love seeing knitting tattoos! 😀

  7. aww girl your great, deffo not a nerd.
    Thats going to look so pretty when its coloured in. Be sure to show us when its completed.

  8. Fuck me, that is SO great!!
    That’s what it’s all about, I reckon, celebrating what it is that you love, what it is that makes you happy.
    I feel all inspired now!

  9. She’s absolutely gorgeous. I love her lip piercings, I’m not a fan stretched labrets but it fits her perfectly.

  10. I really like tattoo’s like this, it’s cool when people where their passion for all to see!

  11. ” I wonder why she got inked in CA if she works in NY? ”

    we (bodyarttattooinc.com) just opened up a shop out in cali (ink monkey inc) and quinn was out checking out the place.


  12. i really like how the artist arranged the scissors and needles. post one if it gets color?

  13. I know i’ve posted the same things about all girls in this blog….

    but she is absolutely gorgeus, sh’e the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen in my life….

    bonnie, if you read this….. I want to meet you….
    unfortunately, i’m sure you live in another part of the world, but i’ll travel if it’s necesary….

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