Deep down and skewery

As a quick follow-up to Shannon’s interview with “The Indestructible Man“, here’s a video cocktail of Dan skewering the entire length of his forearm and Captain Howdy (minus his flying circus this time) undergoing some acupuncture treatment for a dodgy tummy.

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21 thoughts on “Deep down and skewery

  1. I thought the phrase “dodgy tummy” sounded distinctly un-Canadian, and your name under the post confirmed it. :)

  2. i loved it! this video makes me curious about it ! by the way does anyone know the name of the song?!

  3. yes rooraaah..but tomorrow is another day…;-)
    ( i don´t know how often i thought “ok…now i´ve seen everything..” ;-) )

  4. Sometimes I think I watch the videos for the songs. I really am not exposed to this kind of music other than modblog.

  5. umm idk what’s wrong, but I see no wernig or acupuncture when I play that… it’s a 59-second-long video of a guy getting his forearm scalpeled…

  6. play piercing i can understand i guess because it’s small and the pain is over with almsost as soon as it starts, but this kind of thing makes no sense to me. it doesn’t creep me out or anything like that, it’s just wow! thier pain receptors must be routed differently or something, because i just can’t imagine that that would feel good! But, i think it’s awesome that people like that have an outlet where they can share how unique they are. Because honestly, if shoving a huge sharp rod through myself felt good i would want to show it to as many people as i could! haha.

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