Pain Solution puts the art back into performance art

Here is a video sent from our friends in Pain Solution. These guys really have a great grasp on the performance art side of sideshow performance, and I hope everyone enjoys this video as much as I did.

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PS: Thanks to Roo, for making this video into a format even I could figure out how to post.

Stomach suspension

Hello! I’m San (aka BlueStar) and this is my first post to Modblog.

I found this while checking out Allen Falkner’s blog, and was completely blown away! This is a video of Neil, from the ARGO suspension team doing a single point stomach, or better know as “resurrection”, suspension. As Allen said, this is something you should definitely not try at home!

BMEtv – Joey Armstrong

Joey Armstrong can be found at Seventh Son up in San Franscisco along with some other seriously sick tattoo artists. He’s number five in our little mini series. Hope you like it!

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Since a lot of people have asked, I’m planning on including artists from all over the world through out our community. This isn’t going to be a tattoo artists only series, I just haven’t gotten to piercers and other body modification artists. BME covers everything inside of the modification world, I just happen to have started with the tattooers around me. I’ve been compiling a list of people to interview from the comments and suggestions that people have sent me. Thank you for all of your feed back and don’t forget to check out the other episodes we’ve done.

Mike Rubendall (Episode #4)
Henning Jorgenson (Episode #3)
Bugs (Episode #2)
Trevor McStay (Episode #1)

BMEtv – Henning Jørgensen

I was really excited to post this interview with Henning Jørgensen not only because he’s an amazing tattoo artist and all around nice guy but because it’s a great in depth interview which is the direction we’re working to. Considering this is our third video to date, I’m pretty proud of the direction that it’s heading.
As soon as I can get some more videographers on board to help out, we’ll be able to get a lot more videos put together and posted. If you’re interested in interviewing your local or favorite tattooer, let me know. You can always film them (along with background footage  ie “b-roll”) and send the raw video for me to edit and post.
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BMEtv – Bugs

This is the second in the series I’ve put together for BME. I meant to post it yesterday but there were some issues here and there getting on the internet. Bugs is a tattoo from England, working out of a shop called Evil from the Needle. He’s currently working in Venice, CA. I tried to get some link action going on for this write up but my internet is failing miserably.
The next video that I’m going to post later this week is with Henning Jørgensen, which I can’t wait for. It’s one of the best ones we’ve done so far.  If you like these videos, don’t forget to check out our first video interview with Trevor McStay. Also, please post comments on if you like the videos or not so I know if this is something I should continue doing. I’ve got 4 more that need to be edited that are already filmed. Like I said, I can’t wait because I’m very excited. I’ve been compiling the list of suggestions from the other entries but if you have more suggestions on artists you’d like to see interviewed, please post them below!
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BMEtv – Trevor McStay

I mentioned a while back that Trevor McStay was coming to visit BME before heading up to the San Jose Tattoo Convention so I figured we’d have a little bit of a chat while he was putting my leg through the paces of getting a kick ass leg sleeve. Thanks to Trevor for being the inaugural interview and hopefully the next 6 videos we’re in the process of editing will be ready to go shortly!
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Look for more to come in the next week!

Photographic Memory!

Dabe sends us one of the coolest video submissions I’ve seen in a long time. As we’re gearing up to release the new video galleries on BME, I thought this would be a great addition to show what kind of creativity can be used in video submissions for the site. I’ll let Dabe fill you in on all the details:

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So with the help of Tony Touch, I am getting an awesome Nerd sleeve worked on whenever I go visit Toledo. We decided to roll with an evolution of cameras at first, then more nerdy references above.

Tony got the idea from another artist to do a stop-motion video where it looks like the tattoo does itself. I brought in a single alienbee and softbox, plus my handy new remote, and we got to it.

Hopefully we’ll do this for the entire arm. I’d love to have that kind of record of progress on this :)

Since everyone is asking, some things about the tattoo:
-The actual time of the sitting was 4 hours
-This video is comprised out of 1054 shots
-”ROZWÓJ” is Polish for “development”
-The numbers on the film canister reflect the date I took my first serious photograph
-Yes, the film is 35mm, but it’s not going into any of the cameras, just wrapping around. I’m well aware that it looks odd having it next to medium format cameras, but it will make sense when the rest of the sleeve is completed. :)

Song: Helen of Troy by Telefon Tel Aviv

5d Mark ii
24-70mm f2.8
Final Cut Pro

That’s a Cheeky Vintage.

Here’s some faux-vintage footage of my old friend Doctor Suicide (more) skewering her cheeks..

Photo by Sara Gage after the break!

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A somewhat raucous video of Rafa (more videos), Gordex (Gordex Piercing) and a friend pulling their little hearts out..

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See more in Pulling and Trucking (Ritual)

Master Bait

None of my trademark music this time, the clapping and laughing says it all..

Just a good old fashioned video of Damien suspending (vaguely reminiscent of this, no?) with The Hanged Man Team during a “Live Bait” in Melbourne, Australia.

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Many thanks to Pete (The Piercing Urge) for sending the videos my way..