Fastest Dick in Town!

GayChris has racing stripes tattooed up his penis! They’re almost done, and are being applied by Hannes at Blut & Eisen in Berlin. I’ve seen a few people with simple blackwork on their genitals, and I quite like this double-stripe look.

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32 thoughts on “Fastest Dick in Town!

  1. Im not ashamed I clicked with pride.

    Now thats deffo a racy looking dick, go boy go:)

  2. Heh, my first thought was “awwwwwwww CUTE!”
    For his sake, I hope his potential sex partners don’t think the same thing.

  3. Definately get the garter snake look. If only I had a penis of my own to tattoo… sigh…

  4. I was just about ot get on here and post a comment about it looking like a really cute snake, but seems i’m not the only one with that idea. hahahhaha, somehow i don’t think that was the look he was going for…

  5. I have to say, that’s one of the cleanest-looking circumcisions I’ve seen. The racing stripes look pretty good as well :)

    Off-topic, but I just can’t wait for my ampallang to heal (it’s only been 5 days so far, woe) so I’ll have a nice magic cross :)

  6. I seriously need new glasses. At first glance I thought the title said ‘Fattest Dick in Town’

  7. initially read “FATTEST DICK IN TOWN” and was about to post ya maybe if the lines were going horizontal, buddy!” then i learned how to read in like 5 seconds and corrected myself. awesome.

  8. That is one of the more gorgeous examples of tattooed genitalia I’ve seen. A lot of male genital tattoos are too ornate, end up looking crappy or blurry, etc.
    This is streamlined and goes perfectly with the, er, curves of the anatomy. Very attractive.

  9. haha it totally looks like a slimy whimy worm.

    its cute. like, i want to wrap it up in a blanket and sing nursery rhymes to it.

  10. It totally looks like a snake or salamander’s head, yes, with the piercing… I like it!

    Trouser snake, indeed!

  11. Healing genital tattoos must suck though. It’s like you deal with the pain of getting it tattooed, but then there’s the itching. They’ve got to be at least as itchy to heal as tattoos in other locations so you end up looking like you’ve got VD or something slapping your dick all day.

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