Wow that looks like marker!

If it wasn’t from a tattoo artist that’s submitted plenty of photos to BME, I would have assumed that this submission from Brian O’Keefe (Tattooed Planet, Tempe, Arizona) was drawn on by marker! Assuming I haven’t read the email wrong, and this is tattooed, it’s an excellent example of no-outline redwork, which is notoriously difficult to tattoo.

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54 thoughts on “Wow that looks like marker!

  1. Gorgeous –

    Now I have a question — I’ve been told repeatedly by more than three artists, that non-outlined work runs the threat of “bleeding” and looking fuzzy moreso than something with at least a thinner outline. True or no?

    It’s never made sense in my mind – but while explaining concepts to others I’ve always been stopped and been told I should just accept the black outline —- possibly why I’ve got lots of scars and no tattoos ;)

    Just curious — this one’s very pretty.

  2. I think it’s more of an illusion of bleeding out than the ink actually migrating. It does give the tattoo a softer edge though. Go for it if that is what you want.

  3. this is fantastic. i thought it was scrification at first, then sharpie or paint. then i read the caption, and WOW!

  4. #19 — this piece could still have been outlined before the color was filled in. could have just used the same color ink for outline as for fill (instead of black).

    but i dont know anything about his piece (kinda makes me want to go check out the artist, hes like two miles rom my place), so maybe he didnt outline it.

    and the drips are def part of the tattoo. i would be kinda wary about the artist if i bled that deeply from a tattoo. i love how the ends are darker and look 3d, like thats the thisk part of the drip.

  5. absolutely amazing,

    just sitting, gazing – seriously nice work, a tattoo hasnt had that kind of impact on me in quite a while…

    deeply impressed…

  6. I really dig this, but for some reason my mind can’t confirm its real. Any closer shots etc?

  7. #19- I have a no-outline tattoo. The tattoo artist did a blood outline first. No ink, just the needle ran over the ‘outline’ so that my skin raised up during the process of tattooing. This provided a guide for the tattoo and went away rather quickly.

  8. why are all-red tattoos notoriously difficult? is it because you can’t tell blood from ink while the tattoo is being done?

  9. i see a lot of wows in the comments…but i think theyre appropriate because when i scrolled down, i couldnt help but say “wow” out loud! this is beautiful, creative, and just…wow….

  10. Well, I’m just going to be a sheep and go “WOW” too. The gradation of colour is incredible!

  11. ummmmmmmmmmmm
    all tattoos should be this beautiful, and all artists should be able to do that.

    i would love to just stare at this in real life. i’d have to touch it to make sure its real

  12. sorry to be a party pooper, but iv’e looked at the other works that are on his portfolio, and i’m sorry to say that i can’t believe that the guy who did them has the the skill to do that kind of a tattoo.

    and if i’m wrong, i apologise.

  13. I saw you! – and I wish I’d said hi, Ms ‘No I Really Didn’t Sharpie My Shoulder’.

    I saw this tattoo a long way from Tempe, but can confirm exactly how really, ridiculously amazing in looks daylight. : )

  14. Hello people,
    This is Bryan, your Mesa neighborhood tattoo artist.
    And with all of the questions, “is that real?”.
    I attest to all of you , it is real, i have three and a half hours worth of tattooing it. It is done with a 7 and 11 mag shader needles, i did not use an outline, that would have wasted sooooooooooo much time. Thanx to all of you who commented.
    I appreciate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bryan R. O’Keefe, ESQ
    Club Tattoo, Mesa, AZ

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