Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket

Hey, if Klingons can have redundant hearts, I don’t see why humans shouldn’t have redundant nuts. You know, I’d go so far as to say that it’s a message from God that it’s OK if you want to mess with them and, hey, if you lose one, have fun doing it because you have a backup.

(This photo is from the El Horizonte bonus gallery in BME/HARD.)

26 thoughts on “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket

  1. I’m impressed his balls really do hang low, they wobble to and fro, and he can tie them in a knot, I wonder if he can tie them in a bow…..

  2. From the footage this still came from..

    “The left transcrotal is now stretched to two 19mm rings.

    The right transcrotal is stretched to a 30mm ballweight and a 19mm ring.”

  3. where does one find 19mm rings? im having a hard time finding 15mm rings myself.(for a reasonable price)

  4. Wow, split nut sack. Now i’m entertaining the thought. Damn you MODBLOG! Lol, and i’m with Starless_Dark, the subtle MODBLOG placement is always something i look for!

  5. I saw this in the morning the day after it was posted… Later that day, I was walking to a friends house and I walked past a white collar guy standing next to his BMW and he said, “You can’t keep all your eggs in one basket.” I fucking cracked UP!

  6. In reply to #19, rings up to 19mm can be found at Wildcat
    In reply to #13, my nuts were always in one basket until I decided 2 baskets are more efficient for cooling.
    In reply to ’22, it did not take long probably about 4 months cutting about an inch at a time and never allowing the cut to heal properly before doing the next cut

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