UV Ink Facial Neo-tribal Tattoo

Vlad at Steelteam Studio in Moscow, Russia, just did this bold facial piece in UV ink that should be mostly invisible in daylight once healed. (See also: UV facial circuitry tattoo, forearm ghost flames tattoo, and an ace up his sleeve).

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26 thoughts on “UV Ink Facial Neo-tribal Tattoo

  1. I know that UV ink is FDA approved… for marking livestock. Human use scares me, mainly for the fact of how long the lifespan for livestock is. But that’s just me.

  2. Ghobian- The tattoo is fresh and the ink is clear. That’s pretty much what your skin looks like under the ink of every new tattoo.

  3. Is there any sort of Canadian equivalent certification for UV inks, be it for livestock use or otherwise? This resparked my interest in getting one…

  4. Ive got some UV ink done and havent had any reactions or problems with my skin, still glows nicely after about a year, some scaring can be seen where its done but otherwise hardly noticeable.

  5. That’s really nice, works well with that feral doglike shape his head has.

    Hope it heals clear for him! My test dot (wrist) is still pretty visible six weeks later, dammit!

  6. Тёма)))хреново ты тут получился надо сказать)но ты всё равно пиздатый)))поздравляю с модблоком

  7. So will this still show red in daylight, or when its healed will it only be seen in the dark?

    Someone educate me plz :)
    Hugz x

  8. I must say that it looks VERY hot and I love it :)
    I think that I’ll use it in my tatto, once I’ll have the drowing done :P

  9. He’s a very good looking guy and it suits him. Wouldn’t mind meeting him!

  10. wicked very koool how long dose the ink stay active b4 it dosnt glow anymore want one of these but dont think you can get the ink here in new zealand..but aswum tatt

  11. yea.. i ben tryin 2 hunt it down in NZ 4 about a month now.. bu so far havent found any places that do them.. sux!!! bu yerz.. lookz mean by th wai :)

  12. yeah I just started looking (in NZ) too! so far i only asked tattooed heart but I’ll try anywhere if it’ll help me find the uv ink!

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