Newsflash: The Kaiser Suspends!

Join Ben as he chuckles his way through a knee and elbow (knelbow?) suspension.

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You’ve got to admit, it’s infectious.

(If you know of a better name than “knee and elbow”, “Reborn” or “Foetal Suspension” please let me know!)

40 thoughts on “Newsflash: The Kaiser Suspends!

  1. Maybe a Basket suspension…the first thing his body reminded me of was a basket, anyway yeah

  2. Damnit, you’ve got to stop posting videos of suspensions where people are having a fucking brilliant time! You’re making me desperate to do it!

  3. jippiieehhh !! my cute little kaiserle. I love his stockings the most.
    also I am proud of this action (’cause they have visavajara-support) and we’ll have a trippy weekend in june on the 3. swissmodmeeting !! I did this suspension also last summer and it is more comfortable than it looks.
    I also know the appelation ‘foetus’ . why not ?

  4. i think anna called it “sloth suspension” XD

    i like “fetus suspension”


    thanks to all of you btw.

    special thanks to ralf&roland from visavajara because of their support!!!!!

  5. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one here who knows what the song really is about as it is actually norwegian. Haha. Well me and all the other norwegians.

  6. Ahhh derkaiser is lovely, and it’s nice to see his big grin at the end :)

  7. ^ there you have it :)

    Just thought it was kinda cool that whoever edited that video used that song. I never knew Kaizers Orchestra was known outside of Norway.

  8. Hehe, i’ve already seen this before, but I had to watch it again. Benny’s just too adorable =p

  9. I agree with Wilburt- I think cradle suspension is a good term. They posted it first, but I thought of it too.

  10. i dont know the english word for it but i call it “Faultier-suspension”, Faultier, you know the animal that hangs from trees and sleeps almost all his life?!

  11. it looks liek he’s beign cradled …so i’d agree and say maybe a cradle suspension ..but hey if it’s already named then so be it!

  12. Lil Miss Strange- the english word for it is ‘Sloth’ and that’d be a great name for this kind of suspension, hee! it does look like one!

  13. I vote for “sloth suspension”.
    Derkaiser is like the hot, pierced, socially competent version of my ex-boyfriend… (If he’s gay, the hot, pierced, socially competent gay version of my ex-boyfriend).
    Ah well, one can’t have everything…

  14. As far as I know, I was the first to do that particular suspension and I called it the fetus. The person in this video had his friend ask me how to do all the rigging and hooks, and what to expect, etc, but I got no mention, which isn’t a big surprise. I’m not sore about it or anything, it is a fun suspension that more folks should be doing if they are bored with the same old ones. So, anyway, it has always been the fetus suspension to me and other people I have helped do it.

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