In a Coma..

Time always speeds up..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Time-lapse video of San‘s coma suspension.

And here’s the same video with my choice of music..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Roll up, roll up, and pick your favourite.

Why do none of the girls I know get undressed that quickly?

32 thoughts on “In a Coma..

  1. Well obviously you dont know many girls like me and ma girlfriends..doesn’t take much for us to get our gear off.

    I like your music choice better. I like that the clip is sped up..Tis really kewl to watch

  2. That’s a toughie — they both work so well in their own ways…

    Funny thing, I’d swear the video in the second goes faster, but really it’s just the effect the music has on how I see it.

  3. Its funny, as I was watching the first video, the first thing I thought of was the ‘circus’ song.

    Personally though, I think the assembly line song from looney toons would be better. You know the one…where they are processing the babies, and Porky pig is in charge, and Daffy plays the little bastard who fucks everything up…(no way I’m the only man child here)

  4. I like the circus music more. It’s more fun. :) I was shooting still frames every 3 seconds. Though I know that Sandra likes Tool so she’ll probably vote that way.

  5. wow why didn;t you just shoot the whole thing in real time and take out every third frame isnt that easier? second wins

  6. Second song, now where are the tiny cars packed with clowns?

    Cool video though, I’ve had an urge to suspend lately, that really set the craving in.

  7. Hey Roo, want to ship my boyfriend to me? if you’ve the time to edit suspension videos you must have the time to package a certain Brit-Man into a box and send him express… *grins*

  8. #10 – Milky

    I wasn’t shooting with a Video camera. I was shooting with a Digital SLR. Not too many of them can shoot 24-30fps. :)

  9. the first one, the song reminds me of when i was like 11 or something… but the second has comedy value.

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