49 thoughts on “El Pibe de Oro

  1. EX, please. EX-football (soccer) player.
    Anyone remember “un poco con la cabeza de Maradona y otro poco con la mano de Dios“?
    but kudos for the execution of the tattoo…

  2. I love the way he works the person’s skin color INTO the tattoo itself. The shading is amazing. There are no harsh lines, but blending instead.

    The details are crisp, and the highlights realistic.

    Plus, the portrait doesn’t look like a disembodied floating head. I love the hair coming out of the classic oval frame

    Awesome enough to warrant me coming out of lurking. ^__^

  3. yeah i’m not too fond of portraits either. i was on the phone with someone and was like “oh muh gud.” it just pops out at you. wow. good stuff…

  4. I’m not into the subject matter, but as everyone else seems to have said – that’s one amazingly executed tattoo.

  5. I love how the use of white ink makes his (the subject’s) skin look as sweaty as it probably was when the original picture was taken.

  6. What a reminder of the differences between North American culture and a lot of the rest of the world, that it should be necessary to explain who Maradona is! 😀

  7. Like Rosie said, who Maradona is shouldn’t really need explanation. Hes not a soccer player, he’s THE soccer player.

    There’s a reason he’s called god you now 🙂

  8. I just checked the artists site out. What amazing work this tattoo above is incredible, I think maybe the best I have seen.

  9. wow, i also hate portrait tattoos but… my god… it’s so fucking realistic!!!


  10. #1 Ex or not the guy made huge impression in argentinian football down here he has great significance no matter what…

    The portrait is very VERY well done!

  11. the sweat is amazing, when I scrolled by I had to go back to figure out why there was a picture of an unmodified guy screaming. Very nice

  12. That is an amazing tattoo – it looks so much more real than most portrait tattoos out there.

  13. Holy crap. They even got right down to the shaved mustache semi-stubble. Creepy, but amazing.

  14. excellent portrait. The best I’ve ever seen. Wow. I keep going back and looking at it, almost in disbelief. I cannot believe it is so lifelike.

  15. is the signature Maradona’s?
    I mean obviously he didn’t sign on the body, but I find the signature to be the most interesting part of the tattoo — at first I thought it was the artist’s but I looked at it again and that didn’t make any sense. Very cool tatoo.

  16. greatest tattoo i have ever seen, I would travel the world for a tattoo like that.

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